AEGON International

AEGON International, Eastbourne, GBR
12-19 June 2010
Surface: grass
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Live Scores

Singles No.3 seed

Rd Opponent Result W/L
1r M Oudin 6-4 6-4 W
2r D Hantuchova 6-3 3-6 6-4 W
QF E Baltacha 6-7(5) 6-1 6-0 W
SF [Q] E Makarova 7-6(5) 7-5 L
  • LindaChiang

    Go~!! Sam~!!!

  • Katja

    GO SAM!

  • jpelinck

    I wish you a good tournament. Don't forget, you are the best. Control your emotions, certainly in the determining set. Go Samantha!

  • jan_elinck

    Have a good tournament and don't forget that the most tough and the best player is you.
    A little control on your emotions on the set winning points.
    Bye. Bye

  • Tuzh Vlad

    Dear Samantha! My congratulations to the successful start of new green grass season!
    6-4, 6-4 in straight sets, with huge struggled in second!
    Yes! Awesome! Keep it up! Come on!
    With the best wishes, sincerely yours,
    Vladimir – Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine

  • Lynn

    Hi Sam,

    It's great to see you back in Eastbourne again, thank you for coming back. I'm surprised not to see you listed in the doubles event but can understand that you are probably still pretty shattered both physically and mentally from Paris. Good luck for the week ahead.

    Best wishes

    PS…Thank you for taking the time on Saturday to sign the photo taken of you, Rennae and myself from Eastbourne last year…It's framed for the wall :-)

  • Sofie

    Sam I hope to see you at the top in New York!! You deserve it! (:

    Your Fan, Sofie

  • maria fernanda

    vamos Sam! good luck with Daniela Hantuchova
    Realmente quiero que ganes
    I would love to see play but soccer its all what we have in all sport channels :(
    love you sam you are my favourite

  • jpelinck

    Hantuchova must not be a problem. Remain zen and concentrated. Good luck, force your opportunity.
    Bye bye

  • katapulse

    jpelinck, you are right: hantuchova was not a problem, sam's recurring frustration was the problem, it seems, but she dealt with it like the champion that she is! The goal was to win the match and she did…. And she is now number 6 in the world! Ha!

  • Tuzh Vlad

    Game, Set and Match Miss Stosur!!!
    Hard breezy conditions, the stubborn Hantuckova,
    lost second set… but you fought and won!
    Very good and usefull practice, Sami!
    Good luck in QF!

  • Tery728

    Sam, you won so many hearts around the world by being a fantastic woman and a great player. I hope to see you and Victoria in the Final of the Ageon. Then you will win the Gran Sam, as it will be.

  • Tuzh Vlad

    Amazing tennis, Sami!
    Huge serve and forehand knocked out Elena Baltacha!
    Looking forward to a good show in SF!
    Good luck!
    Sincerely yours, Vladimir

  • katapulse

    ok, let's say today was not as good as yesterday, but tomorrow will be better.
    We're behind you for Wimbledon Sam!
    Breathe …
    Focus …
    and hit that ball :-)

  • Tuzh Vlad

    6-7 5-7 it was a real struggle, lacked a little bit, Sami!
    Do not upset too much, this week you really shines in Eastbourne!
    Relax, please. See you in Wimbledon!
    With the best wishes, sincerely yours,

  • David

    Must admit to never really being a big fan of Tennis but now that you and LLeyton seem to be hitting your stride I have really started to enjoy watching. All the very best of luck for Wimbledon Sam.

    David, Thailand