Sam Stosur

Sam’s Favourites

Japan and Italy

Japanese and Mexican


Inakaya, Tokyo

Lemon, lime and bitters

TV show
and House of Cards

Football teams
AFL – Saints; NRL – Titans

Top 3 movies 
Notting Hill
Anchor Man and Love Actually

Things you can’t live without

> take-off and landing on flights, especially little planes
> reading maps

What would you spend your last $10 on?
Lip balm

Most used Apps
> ATP/WTA scores
> Whatsapp

5 people you would like to have dinner with
> Steffi Graf
> Nelson Mandela
> Homer Simpson
> Sheryl Crow
> Jerry Seinfeld

Language you would like to learn

What music do you like?
Pop and rock … and some dance remixes
> read more about Sam’s love for music

Red or white wine?

Chocolate or ice-cream?

iPhone or Blackberry?
iPhone. Everything Apple.

Coca-Cola or Pepsi?

Memorable moments from your first few years on the tour?
Sleeping in a train station in Japan with other players and strapping all our bags together so they wouldn’t get stolen. Using blankets from hotel rooms and pillows from airlines.  The things you do to make it on the tour.

A place in the world you would like to visit?
Machu Picchu, Peru

Best sporting moment other than yours?
Cathy Freeman winning the 400 m gold at the Sydney Olympics.

If you were an animal what would it be?
Happy Dog

Favourite car?
Porsche 911

Things your most afraid off?
Flying and deer ticks carrying Lyme disease.

Favourite beach?
Coogee, Sydney

Things you like doing away from tennis?
Mountain bike riding, snorkelling and eating.

Favourite tournament?
Charleston, SC, USA

  • Camille

    you need to try the games Eggz and Monkey Gems

  • david

    Sam hi …. I wish u happy landings back home and thank u 4 the way u play ! It is always great 2 c u on the court.

  • Yanis

    I love how your scared of flying! Its kinda cute!

  • Sophie Allen

    i love japan to i’ve been there

  • Carmen

    Hey Sam, I can teach you Spanish!

  • we can’t stop

    I would love to be your spanish teacher, we can play tennis and speak spanish, just wondering haha, love you

  • we can’t stop

    marry me

  • LC

    Hey Sam! Since you were born in Queensland and joined QAS at a young age, is it fair to say that you’d support the Maroons over the Blues?

  • Kats

    Hi Sam. What I found it nice is your experience in a train station in Japan where you can find your lip balm in any corner there. I can imagine how cute you were in the station! I’m a Japanese guy living in France since more than 10 years. I like your tennis and love tennis. I love 911 4S, too. My second son is named Sam^^

  • Ian Depree

    Sam you are a great player !! Your choice of Beach needs a bit of discussion. PLEASE go give them HEAPS !!! Make us Smile

  • Maddison McEwen

    Congrats on making through to the next round of the j&t Prague open. Hope you can win