Watch Sam LIVE tonight

Channel 9 will be showing Sam Stosur’s semifinal match against Jelena Jankovic from 11.15 pm tonight, Thursday 3 June.

Stosur stunned Justine Henin in the fourth round, then world No.1 Serena Williams in the quarterfinals to make it to the penultimate round of Roland Garros 2010.

If Stosur wins tonight she will be through to the final where she will meet either Elena Dementieva or Francesca Schiavone.

  • Erin Murphy

    BIG thumbs up chick!!! Never say never!
    We should have a party for you when your home-

  • Kylie Devine

    Go Sam, hold your focus, you can do it…fire those guns and take out the Open!

  • JAN

    Congratulations, very well played. We were cheering you on in the Netherlands, and absolutely delighted to see you win yesterday. Good luck for the match today. xx

  • Paddy haha

    Well done. You are an amazing woman………a true amazonian………………what a victory talk about sticking to your “guns”………….we'll be cheering you on in sleepy old Dorset. Go on girl!!!!!

  • Sten


  • Anastasia H Beaverhousen

    Go Get Em Girl! You ROCK!

  • seb

    Go Sam, you are the best womens clay court player this year, by a long way! you deserve to win the French. We all know you can do it!

  • Jean-François

    Come on, Sam, you'll do it :) – I'm french and I love your tennis and your behaviour on the court ! And above all, this bright smile on your face when you win makes my day a god day. Then, please, make me a favor : show us that smile again, just two times; today and saturday :):)
    In France, we don't say “good luck” in such circumstancies, there is another word that I can't write down here ;)

  • Fran

    Congratulations Sam, you have worked so hard for this wonderful achievement, be patient and it will all happen for you. We are cheering you on from Bundaberg. Qld.

  • Congratulations Sam, you have worked long and hard, be patient and more wins will come your way. We are cheering you on from Bundaberg Qld.

  • Rena

    Good luck sammi , keep the up the good work .
    best wishes,
    your # 1 Egyptian fan

  • jan madden

    good luck for tonight sam would love you to make the final go aussie go

  • jan madden

    go aussie go i will be cheering from syndey go sam make it to the final

  • Garry Mitchell

    you can be a hero Sam. All you need to do is trust in yourself and you will be.Call it PPT Sam , “thats the power of positive thinking ” You are a hero.Young aussie of old were tought on clay..grass was a luxury.You will you can and yes. A true Aussie. thks

  • Garry Mitchell

    as before sam you can do it we oldies that were taught on clay applaud you. go one more step and win a grand slam…

  • I got written up by my dormitory RA this morning for screaming when you beat Serena. With the time difference, the match started at 5am! Totally worth it, great game Sam.

  • Bronwyn

    You did it again Sam, fantastic…I'm afraid I couldn't watch after the 2nd set had gone to a tie-break…I even find the highlights rather tense, lol.
    Good luck in the semis, hard luck having to back up the next day, but hope you keep the momentum, because we'd love to see you in the Final!!

  • Fantastic ! I like you and your game . And I wish you win Roland Garros

  • Bruce

    Absolutely brilliant Sam! This is your time, keep those brilliant feet moving in the semis and you will be fine :-)

  • Hey Sam,

    This lady from NZ wrote this great article that Australia should get behind you –

  • Rob

    Nice to see that nine will be showing Sam play tonight. I only wish we had seen all the tournament on free to air.

    I will be up watching.

    Go Sam!!

  • vick

    Good work Keep it up and hope you win the French Open
    Make yourself and Australia proud
    Hope Qantas sponsors you

  • Ronda Edmondson

    Congratulations Samantha you are a legend. What a win, it was awesome. Good luck tonight, we will be screaming for you !!!

  • Steve

    Sam, we were so happy about your victory over Serena. You are the next world number one. We love you in the U.S. :) – Steve

  • Bryce McCarthy

    Enjoy the experience Sam, you have what it takes. All the hard work is paying off. We have enjoyed staying up late and into the early hours back home in QLD to cheer you on.

  • Des Platt

    I taped it and watched it when I got home without knowing the score. Absolutely thrilled! Started following Sam's progress after her illness.I've always believed she had the ability but for the first time yesterday she had more belief than I did . I really thought it was lost in the third set but as soon as our darling saved the match point , I knew she would do it.

    Believe you can play on grass too Sammy! Come to Wimbledon as French Champion

    Her smile is the loveliest in all sport.

    Des, Liverpool, England

  • Linda

    Way to go Sam, I will be staying up tonight cheering you on… You can do it….xxxx

  • Rob Brennan

    Sam, you have already done enough to make us proud of you as an intelligent, “normal”, modest Australian!! Go well — you've got a lot of fans!

  • Catherine Berg

    All the best for your strategies in the finals. May you come out on top this year.

  • Eddie

    good Luck Sam, am watching and cheering for you.

  • Eddie

    Congratulations Sam what a great game . you are my HERO

  • Congratulations Sam for the fantastic game you played today. I have just finished watching it and it was great.
    Good luck in the final.
    Greetings from Spain, Javier.

  • Jean-François

    Well done, SAM :) This year is yours, and saturday, no doubt we'll all see that lovely smile. You're the best, Roland Garros 2010 is for you :)

  • Christian

    Congratulations Sam! What achievement about the whole Tunier physically, however, especially mentally. Who hits a Justine on sand from the field afterwards Serina defeated and today Jelena not the breath of a chance leaves, to that the sandy place krone from Paris already floats before eyes!! For the finale one can only say: Play sentence of victory Sam Stosur

  • Annette McNamee

    Congratulations Sam!!! Amazing effort. Enjoy the moment when you walk onto centre court for your 1st ever Grand Slam Final. WOW. You are an inspiration for all Australian female tennis players especially the younger ones. It just proves you can be a winner and gracious at the same time. We will be watching and cheering very loudly from our Brisbane home.

  • Jean-François

    Here you are, Samantha ! This day is yours :) – Australian people will be watching, so will be a lot of french, and you know I'm one :)
    And, as Des Platt said, you'll go to Wimbledon as French Champion ( anyway, you're already my champion :) )