• monica savage

    you were absolutely amazing!!!!
    so refreshing to see you become one of the top players in the world.
    You are truly inspiring to those who watch and follow you. keep it up! fantastic match- fantastic focus and all your hard work is now going to pay off big time. cheers, Monica (from Montreal Canada) hope to see you at Montreal in August!!! good luck

  • Mike Hanley

    Sam – very proud. Great to see Gold Coast girl get up there. Well Done. I am sure you will achieve your goals.

  • TJ

    woooohoooo go Sam!
    Knew you could do it.
    Keep it going, we believe in your back in Oz
    Luv ya TJ

  • TJ

    Wooohooo Go Sam
    Knew you could do it.
    Keep believing, keeping seeing that trophy keep it all just motoring along.
    Luv ya Sam TJ

  • Amanda

    When i just read the news of the win I was so proud of her. I don’t follow the tennis unless it’s in Australia but now I just might have to stay up a little bit longer.
    Well done sam, this is your time, take it from here. Proud of ya!

  • MW

    Keep it up Sam. Congratulations, you deserve. I know you can win it.

  • Shirlene

    Way to go Sam, well done & well deserved!

  • Wanda

    Way to go SAM well done what a great achievement over Justine and now Serena.
    Keep it up,our SAM and come home with the French Open to add to your trophy case.
    Have a good rest before the next match,not long between them.

  • Congratulations on a great win. Let's keep it going and grab that trophy. Good luck for your match against Jelena.

  • Ralph Colaco

    I read a lot of sports news on the internet but do not place comments.
    However, I am compeled to do so now.
    I would like to wish Sam all the very best in not only reaching the finals but winning it.
    She so richly deserves to win the finals. Our thoughts and prayers will be with her. A very young, gifted and down to earth Aussie. Not a “show off” like many other sporting personalities.
    Well done for getting thus far. Cheers.Ralph

  • bethany

    GO SAM!!!! if you can beat serena you can beat anyone! hope your match with Jelena goes good, love and prayers bethany

  • Felicina

    Congratulations Sam, My wishes for you come true. Good luck to the next game.

  • dr

    This is a great story that we are watching unfold – you thoroughly deserve the results so far. May the power be & stay with you!

  • wayneo

    This reminds me of the story about the little red engine, not so so much the taunting aspect although Serena has had some choice words to say about you in the past but for the the beleive and perseverance that you have shown over the last 8 months. A couple of minor speed bumps stand in your way before you reach the summit of the hill. But “i think i can , i think i can” now seems to be more “i know i can, i know i can”.Congratulations on the two biggest wins of your carrer, two more to come, You and Dave should stand pround as obviously the best team in Australian womens tennis for the past 30 years. You are the essence of a true Aussie champion. Composed, humble and determined, What a role model.

  • Erica

    Congratualations Sam! I've been watching you all throughout your career and always have had faith in you. All the best for the rest of the tournament. Hopefully all the positve thoughts from Australians all over the world will help you win that wonderful trophy. We all know you work so hard and deserve every success in the world. cheers, Erica in SA..

  • Karen.

    Yay Sam. I kew you could beat Serena. You look really relaxed and happy. There's nothing stopping you now.

  • Lorenzo

    Wow well done Sam! you really stuck in there with Serena toe to toe, not respecting the 'name' just
    playing her like you would any player untill the win! I think Jelena will give you much more time to hit those beautiful forehands and serves, you will be able to jerk her around like you did Justine and over power her. Put her away in straight sets!

  • Meg

    Congrats Sam – keep up the good work. Channel 9 are actually going to show the match live, so we'll all be here cheering you on! You can do it!

  • Kath

    Well done, Sam. What a great job you're doing – love it. Sending you lots of positive vibes for the rest of the tournament. Love watching you in action – it's gutsy and you never give up. Good on you girl, from another very proud Aussie.
    Kath, Qld

  • Claire

    G'Day Sam, Awesome job! Was so happy finding out you beat Serena! Good luck against Jelena Jankovic tonight! I'll be watching it back here in Australia in the middle of the night! Keep it up!
    Claire VIC

  • Pam

    Cmon Sammie – kick some Jelena butt!!!! Good luck!!!!