Sam Stosur trains under the watchful eye of David Taylor ahead of Australian Open 2013; Getty Images

Taylor: effects of tennis balls underrated

Sam Stosur’s coach David Taylor has identified the different composition of tennis balls as one of the most underrated factors impacting on player performance.

In an article by Tim Newcomb for Sports Illustrated’s tennis website, Taylor said players were highly sensitive to the differences between certain brands of tennis balls at various tournaments, and flourished or struggled accordingly.

“It is funny that balls are not spoken about, but they have a massive impact on a tournament and a player,” Taylor was quoted as saying.

“Some find it very difficult (to adapt to changes from tournament to tournament). The first thing we do when we get to the tournament is work out what tension (the racket) will be with that ball.”

The article went on to say:

Taylor knows the differences inside and out and says the players do too. He says every player he’s coached has felt more comfortable with a certain type of ball compared to others. Stosur, for example, enjoys the Penn ball, an American brand, and the Dunlop Fort, which Taylor says is “known as the world’s most consistent ball.”

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