Sam Stosur. WTA

Strong is beautiful

Sam has been featured in the WTA’s new advertising campaign, ‘Strong is beautiful’.

The campaign features 38 WTA players including current stars and rising players. The campaign includes print, digital and TV ads and will run for the next two years.

Take a look at the campaign here

  • Jim

    Whew, I was starting to get worried. Didn’t see your photo on the WTA site, so was starting to think they’d been stupid enough to pass over the strongest and most beautiful woman on the tour for this campaign. Great photo!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Sammy , I heard that you feel uncomfortable before you played with Masha , that’s kind of ripping my heart , no wonder you look a little bit weird on seat of court when you rested during the match  , hope you could get better as soon as possible , your health is always the first thing shoud be cared , and by the way , If the title of this article is ” Stosur is beautiful ” , I think that also makes sense . : )

  • Christian

    Women always were stronger than men*. That’s why men always tried (and try) to keep “their” women as weak as possible. But more and more (especially those men who are strong enough to freely admit their weaknesses) now recognize by and by how beautiful that female strength can be. That’s nice.

    [* Of course that is a bloody stereotype. It’s always about individuals! But in female tennis (especially in the australian one) there are some (is a) quite impressing individual(s). And not stereotypish at all…]

  • pomilori

    ouaou photo!!! 

  • Sammy is strong and beautiful and because of her tennis is special and she deserve to be in campaign.

  • Willy Wonga

     Sam!! Eyes on the ball at contact!!

  • Sunshinetetu014

    sorry it’s in french, t’es vraiment jolie dommage pour roland garros qu’a tu en tete ? t’es vraiment melleur que sa et t’es tres jolie, merçi a toi