Stosur withdraws from Cincinatti and Montreal

World No.5 Sam Stosur has withdrawn from the Western & Southern Financial Group Women’s Open and the Rogers Cup due to an arm injury.

The Australian who fell in the quarterfinals at San Diego to Flavia Pennetta pulled out of the next two events on her schedule after consulting with doctors.

“I had an MRI on Friday afternoon and the doctor advised me to rest my arm. Therefore, I unfortunately have to withdraw from Cincinnati and Montreal.

“It’s very disappointing for me. I’m sorry to the fans and tournament organisers. These are both great events and I was really looking forward to playing them.”

  • Jim

    Dear Sam, I can imagine how disappointed you must feel right now, but this is the right thing to do. You play such a physical game, and that's only possible if your body is in good shape. To play on would be to risk worse injury and an even longer layup. Not only that, playing should be fun, and that can't be the case if you are in terrible pain every time you go on court. You proved how patient you can be during your ordeal with Lyme, you can get through this as well. Keep looking at the big picture Sam: you are one of the best players in the world and the best is yet to come. Never forget how much we all love you!

  • Pam

    It's a wise decision Sam. I didn't get to see your match but I was surprise to hear that you lost. I know you have what it takes to win the US Open so follow Dr's orders and rest the arm. Look forward to following you in your next tournament and hopefully see you at the Open in Sept.


  • BennyG

    I agree with everything you said there Jim. Sam, you are doing the right thing by taking these weeks off from Cincy & Montreal to recover from this arm injury, not just for the US Open, but for your longevity in the game in significant events to come. Always supporting you :)

  • LindaChiang

    It's definitely a right decision,your health is the most important thing than anything else,
    because fore hand attack is one of the best weapon of you,your choice can prevent it worsening,then you'll get more chances for yourself in the future, and if you suffer on the court, I don't feel good either,I want to see you enjoy the game and have much fun every time,
    so don't be disappointed,I'll wait for you back on the court and hope you'll be cared well.
    Always love you and support you~!!

  • Rena_Egypt

    Dear Sammy ,
    I know that you are really disappointed ,we are disappointed too coz we won't see you playing for a while.but this is the right decision to make.That also will give you more time to come back strong at the US open and smash'em all.
    Cheer up and stay positive. We are all with you.
    Get better soon Sam and come back strong.

  • Jean-François ( France)

    Hi Sam :)
    Please, don't be sorry for us, your health is the only important thing you have to take care of :)
    You need to be at 100% to win and to enjoy playing tennis, and all that we want is a smiling happy Sam :) . Then, please, take the rest you need and, when you are back on courts, you'll find us on your side. I wish you to recover very quickly, Sam :)
    As Jim said, “we all love you so much” :)

  • muzza

    Hi Sam, bad luck about the injury, rest up and win the US Open!

  • Kyv

    Dear Sammy, your fans know and love you.
    Get well soon!
    We are waiting for your wonderful playing to US Open.

  • Swimmer-18

    Hey Sam!!
    Hope you get better soon and be really prepared for U.S Open!!
    Good luck and hope you'll have a great tournament :))

  • Tic626

    It's sad to hear your injury. But after such a intensive half year, you really need to take a rest. Don't worry, you have many fans support you. Just take a good rest until you feel much better.:-)

  • Drine

    Poor Sammy it must have been a tough decision, you must be so sad and disappointed :( But this was the best thing to do, it was a wise decision, you need to come back strong at the USO.
    We're gonna miss you Sam these next weeks, that's for sure, but we know it's for your own good :)
    I wish you a speed recovery Sam, stay positive, be patient, the Smash'em Sam Family is behind you and will always support you ;)
    We love you Saaaaam!!!!!!

  • bee_still

    No worries Sam. Your health is what's more important. Better to rest your injured arm than to have more problems later.

  • Mario from Croatia

    Sam it's best for you to recover from injury because your health is on first place. I'am sure you will be return on court and playing great tennis.

  • Sonny

    good move, sammy. focus on the us open. i think you can do something over there. why not win your first grand slam?

  • Elena Konovalova

    Hi, Sam!
    Rest now really need you, because health should always be in first place. Praise God that with arm is nothing serious and after a rest and recovery you are playing with renewed vigour. Don't get discouraged. Whatever happens, happens for the best. I believe that you are successful at US Open.
    I admire, proud of you and love you, Sammy

  • must be very frustrating and disappointing to get to your best ranking and, all of a sudden, not be able to play, but health comes first. you can do anything when you're healthy, so just take care.

  • Sarah

    Even tough it´s hard : Try to be patient Sam!! We´ll be waiting here for you to come back… So don´t hurry. Listen to your body! Get well soon – Greetings from Germany

  • Trutwiggy87

    I hope you're ready for the US Open, that is the main thing. I love your game and I know that your best is yet to come. Love you lots and take care. David

  • Julie

    Hi Sam !
    I'm really sorry to you. But don't worry, I'm sure that is the best thing to do for be ready to the US open ! ;-) You can be proud of you, every fans are proud of you !

    I love you =)

    Julie from Belgium

  • Sam, USA

    I'm so sorry Sam. When I checked the Cincinnati draw yesterday I was saddened but greatly relieved. You don't owe anyone an apology. You're a professional athlete and injuries come with territory. Sometimes you have to stop to let them heal. As Jim said,you must be patient, you've overcome much worse than this. Just don't return until you're well. Please keep us posted and we'll keep you in our hearts and in our prayers. You are so much loved and appreciated!!

  • Lorena Mazzoni (Argentina)

    I can imagine how dissaponted you must feel!!!! But it´s a wise decision!!! I´ll be waiting for your matches at the US Open!!!! Don´t worry!!! Your are great tennis player and you will be all right!!! Take care!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sue Saccardi

    So sorry to hear about your arm. Rest is going to be your best friend. It will hopefully re-charge you mentally as well. Take care of yourself.

  • Sally

    Hey Sammy!!! Just heard the news :-( gutted for you! I hope it is nothing too serious and that you'll be back in time for the US but most important is that you get it better – however long it takes. Chill out, get better and we'll on be rooting for you on your return!

  • Jeuland

    oh no! i am so so disappointed!! once for we were gonna have the tournement transmited on eurosport in the evening…won't be the same without you. I wish you a very good recovery and can't wait to seeing you back on track. Keep well, we love you sam
    sylvie from France

  • Lorna

    Sam sorry to hear you're injured. Rest up and let it heal. You're a strong lady and you will be back fighting fit again. Try not to be to disappointed and keep smiling. All your fans are supporting you. Sending healing vibes your way. take care and get well quickly :-)

  • Ice

    Get well soon Sam! Rest up and allow your body to heal and God willing you'll be back playing like fire in no time. Take this as a good opportunity to rest up before the US Open and get your arm back to 100%. That way you can be both mentally and physically prepared for the last grand slam of the year. Kudos to my fav player :)

  • LankyDes

    Dear Sammy .Can't really improve on the comments all these loving fans have already made I missed your quarter final and it is almost a relief to find that you are going to take a rest because I thought you must be significantly under par. Let's see you back better than ever.

    Love and Best Wishes
    Des, Liverpool, England

  • Thomas Debes

    wow this is bad news, but rest up and take your time, don`t rush getting back. hopefully you`ll make the us open. want all the best for you and your career, so let`s hope it`s not that serious. i know those 2 tournaments are big and major preparation for the last slam. this time you just have to prepare a little bit different. just get healthy so your game can be 100%. then i`m sure you will bounce back strong, that`s your specialty right;) all the best Samantha

  • ai

    Hi Sam, I hope it not serious and you recover quickly. Just take a good rest :)

  • milangg

    Chere Sam, Big dissapointment for me, but mainly for you. Now correct decision is to make a rest. I am waiting you when your arm will be okay. Bye and GL.

  • Rena_Egypt

    Hi Sam,
    I hope your arm is getting better.I was checking your old blogs and I noticed that you almost wrote a blog every week ,unlike now ! I also liked when you answered some of your fans questions why don't you do that anymore? That was really nice :).C'mon Sammy we need to see more blogs from you :) Always keep in touch.
    Get better soon Sammy , Best wishes

  • Ameli

    Wish you speedy recovery, champ!
    Hope to see you play at US Open.

  • Jayashrisood

    So Sad Ur Not Playing But I Guess Its Better To Rest Ur Arm

  • Davo

    Disappointing but doctors oreders….now lets hope your well rested for the Us Open.Good Luck :)

  • Jim

    Hi Rena, I agree that the personal messages from Sam are great, and you're right that we don't see them that often any more. I think this is because her life has changed a lot lately. She's played an awful lot of tennis this year, and off court much more is expected of her as well. Sam has never been one of those tennis divas who like to live out their lives on TV and internet. Quite the opposite in fact, which is one of the things I love about her. But since she's joined the tennis elite, she's been more in the public spotlight, and that can't always be easy for her. If Sam is happy to kill some time during her forced break by keeping us posted on what she's up to, that'll be great. If not, that's okay by me as well, she should just enjoy her down time as much as possible and we'll catch up with her when she takes to the courts again.

  • ben.j.

    Just throwing an idea out there: Instead of pulling out of the Cincinatti tournament, wouldn't it have been better to turn up, get a bye into the second round like all the other top seeds and then pull out with a mystery illness? That way, you earn an easy $10 275 and more importantly pick up 70 ranking points. You could do the same thing the week after in Montreal when the mystery illness mysteriously reappears. This strategy would hopefully earn you just enough points to stay at number 5, ahead of Dementieva and 'Ozzie' Kim who are nipping at your heels in the rankings. Sure, it may not be entirely ethical or in the spirit of the game, but who cares – it's not cricket. If you feel bad about it, donate the $20 000 in prizemoney to charity or something.

  • Jim

    Hi Ben, I must admit briefly thinking along similar lines to this, but Sam did the right thing. I’d be surprised and more than a little disappointed if she ever resorted to anything like this just to protect her ranking. Anyway, as Sam knows only too well, the secret to high rankings is to concentrate on her game and let the rankings take care of themselves. With most of the top 8 defending big points and/or struggling with fitness issues of their own, there are bound to be a few changes in the next few weeks whatever Sam does. Unless something really strange happens she should still be in that group at USO, which is good enough for now.

  • Lorna

    That would be unfair to other players and the organisers of the events and unprofessional. And as we know Sam is very serious and professional about her career. Plus Sam is an honest lady and she doesnt need to lie to keep her rankings up. Sams health and integrity is FAR more important than her ranking…she can always regain her rankings when 100 % fit. Its always better to do things by the book and therefore show respect to other players and the sporting etiquette – of FAIR PLAY.

  • LankyDes

    I think one of the reasons many of us love Sam is that we can’t imagine her doing anything as cynical as that.I may be wrong but that is the way she comes over to me; as a refreshing change from your usual highly paid athlete.I take your point about donating the prize money but Sammy is well able to do that anyway if she wants without it being from such a source.She would probably do it quietly without publicity. It would be nice to think of her taking a big interst in charity when she has finsihed as I know her fellow countryman Pat Rafter, another of sport’s good guys did.

    Des, Liverpool, England

  • Ted Beck

    I have looked at your performance lately and would like to make an observation. Your power game requires good footwork to position yourself for good strokes. I noticed that recently, you have been caught flat-footed and were not in a position to hit the ball properly. On clay, you had slightly more time and your footwork produced excellent shots. The harder surfaces have not given you enough time to get in position for your optimum strokes. I noticed that whenever Serena or Kim Clisters didn't play well, it was almost always because of their footwork. You have some of the best weapons in womens tennis, but when your footwork is not the best, your strokes suffer. Concentrate on improving your footwork (body movement to get in position for your best stroke) on the hard surfaces. You can be a top 5 player over the next few years, but your footwork is the key.

  • Jean-François ( France)

    Sorry, I don’t agree with you, Ben.j. ! First of all, the arm injury needs to be taken care of. But, most important, as you said, it wouldn’t be ethical, nor even fair, and sure I care, and I’m certainly not the only one. Sam doesn’t need to “cheat” to stay number 5, and even at a better rank :) . Sam, you did the right thing, you’ll soon be back winning matches and slams :)

  • Sam, USA

    Hi Sam, Enjoyed the the new bio. Right there with you on the lip balm. Life would be pretty miserable without it. Never cared much for Volkswagons though and
    Pepsi always beats Coke in a blind taste test; hey, home state made; New Bern, NC:). I hope you're really doing well and that you take as long as it takes because the future is much more important than the now. With your ranking so high, maybe next year you could think about slowing down a bit. You probably have.
    Even though you may drop a place or two depending on how long you're out, the four ahead of you aren't pulling away, two out with injuries and the others not playing great, you should stay very close. When you get back into condition and are playing your game you'll move up and away very quickly. So, take care Baby Girl, have a good R&R, and stay positive. Love Ya.
    Semper Fi

  • Rena

    I totally agree with you Lanky.
    Ben.J. You said who cares! I'm Sure Sammy does really care ,and that's why we love her more.So I totally disagree with you.

  • ben.j.

    Bonjour Jean-Francois. Don't be sorry for disagreeing. It's ok for you to have an opinion. I will allow it.

  • Chinchilla93

    Samantha Jane!!!!!
    You are a tough Queenslander!!!! we knew you were hurt in Charleston last year when we came up to see you . I knew you hurt your right arm but did not realize it ended up being a stress reaction luckily coach Dave knew that you were hurt . even though you missed Montreal and Cincy you still managed to get to the US Open Quarters!!! wow . I am hoping it wont act up in your NY title defense next week Love, Jillian