Stosur upset by Date Krumm

Kimiko Date Krumm ousted Sam Stosur 5-7 6-3 7-6(4) in the Japan Women’s Open quarterfinals on Friday.

Date Krumm, who turned 40 on September 28, missed a match point against the top-seeded Australian at 5-4 in the third set, but converted her second in the tiebreaker after more than two-and-a-half hours.

World No.8 Stosur’s defence of the Osaka title was spoiled by making only two of a dozen break chances against 56th-ranked Date Krumm.

  • Drine

    Pffff Sammy… could you lose this match?! I mean, OK, Kimiko can play very well, but I was so confident, I was really convinced you would defend last year's title :/
    You had opportunities in this match, too bad you couldn't convert the break chances :(
    Oh well….let's forget Osaka and focus on Doha :)) You still have some time to practice and be 100% ready mentally and physically :) I'm sure you'll be super motivated for the last tournament of the year, you can do great there!!!! GO SAM!!!

  • Sue Saccardi

    Close match Sam. Sorry about the result. Keep working.

  • Eriko

    Thank you for a good game.
    I was going to take a Japanese Rice cake for you today.
    I can't watch your game today in Utubo,but please come to Osaka again.

  • LindaChiang

    Hey Sammy ~

    It was a pretty close match , I don't think you played that bad , your opponent is kind of a clever player and has many fans in local place , I can imagine those audiences must give you much pressure , but even in this hard condition , you still fought for yourself until the tie break in third set , and save a match point .

    In my opinion , you definitely have chances to win in straight set , it's pity for you didn't break it back when you held three break points in second set , if you can seize this chance , I'm sure that things were going in different way , but think the bright side , at least you don't worry about those people who work in Osaka's restaurant to poison you .

    I wish next time I can really go over there and cheer you up when you fight in a strange country , maybe with helmet and armor . Love you ~ ! :D

  • Jessie

    que sera sera…. such good efforts from you this season – plenty of positives. Kimiko's tenacity is impressive… as is yours. well done to her and good wishes to you for the final days of this season!

  • Jessica

    so it goes, sammy. good effort for sure. time to rest that powerful athlete self of yours and close the season to your liking. congratulations on all your terrific play. plenty more fun and success ahead for you.
    cheers to you!

  • Pololo

    It doesn´t matter…We love you…

  • Jim

    Hey Sam, it probably won't come as a consolation to you, but Kimiko's defeat of Peer shows just how well she's playing. Continue to believe in yourself, because you are better than any of your competitors at Doha. Always supporting you!

  • Mario

    Sorry for lost match Sammy but I must confess Kimiko is unbelievable and inspiration for all. Sam you again had opportunity in second set to brake her service and finish with her and this is maybe key for future. Like you say in New York against Kim too many break chances but if you not use any of them you can't expect good result at the end only this time was not so many of them but it's important to take this especially when you win set before. C'mon Sammy in Doha you can improve that and I hope to see you over live stream there because from Osaka was not video live coverage of yours matches in Europe and in Tokyo and Peking you early go out.

  • TimZ

    Such a close match again, too bad…But, hey, another quarterfinal! =)

    Take a break and then smash them at the tour-finals, good luck!

  • ai

    I'm so sorry you lost…I could'nt see the match,I think you played well and fought till the last minute,but it's never easy to play in front of her crowd.

    Don't worry,Sam! you have a great successful season this year!

    Take a good rest now and best of luck in Doha!

    I'm looking forward to see you next year in Japan :)

  • Jane

    Hi SAMMI. quite upset you weren't able to defend your title. Hopefully you could do well at DOHA and win a place at the final. GOODLUCK! and I wish you could continue playing Doubles Next Year! SEE U BACK IN AUS!

  • Lorena Mazzoni (Argentina)

    Hey Sam!!!! Don´t worry!!!! I didn´t see the coverage here in Argentina!!!! Now think in Doha°!!!! You are a great player..keep your confidence and attitude!!! Cross my fingers for you!!!! Take care!!!! VAMOS!!!

  • Mrs.T

    Thank you for Sam's wonderful match in Osaka.

    Thank you for a tennis ball ,your useing too.

  • Mario

    Dear Sammy prepare you well for Doha and be excellent there. It would be great competiton for you

    just stay focus on game and don't worry.

  • Rena_Egypt

    Hey Sam ,
    Don't worry about the loss Sam.I know you wanted to defend your last year's title, so you may be a bit disappointed ,but now you need to forget about Osaka and prepare for Doha.I need you to win this tournament sammy..Show Arabs how great you can play :D.I really wish I can go there and cheer for you!
    Don't forget to visit Egypt after Doha Sammy.You should see the pyramids :D.I'd be glad to have you at my home :) :D
    Go Sammy. Smash'em

  • Fumi

    Hi Sammi, I have been a big fan of you since I saw you in Osaka last year. I went to Utsubo every day to see you and I watched very close to the courtend. It was a really tough game with unfair judgements.

    I hope you will come to Osaka next year again. Lots of Osakans will be waiting for you. Good luck for Doha!!!!