Stosur on a mission

No copping out, Samantha Stosur says it’s finally time to stand up and be counted at the spiritual home of tennis.

Stosur opens her eighth Wimbledon campaign on Tuesday with a dismal 5-7 record at the All England Club.

But having climbed the ranks to No.6 in the world, the French Open runner-up accepts she can no longer blame her limited grasscourt experience for any further flops on the sport’s greatest stage.

“At the end of the day, it’s still Wimbledon and I’m going to give everything I’ve got to make it a good result for me,” said Stosur ahead of her first-round clash with Estonian qualifier Kaia Kanepi on Tuesday.

“It’s not my favourite surface, but it’s probably not a lot of other players’ favourite either.

“So it’s a matter of going out there and handling it as best you can and just getting through the the matches one by one.”

Stosur admitted she was still hurting from her unexpected loss to Francesca Schiavone in the Roland Garros final, but was heartened to have bounced straight back to reach her fifth semi-final of the year last week on the lawns of Eastbourne.

“I couldn’t really complain with the way I was able to play there,” the Queenslander said.

“I think my game is moving in the right direction and one more practice and I think I’ll be ready Tuesday.”

Stosur’s first aim is to venture beyond Wimbledon’s third round for the first time.

Blessed with a dream draw and boasting a tour-high 35 match wins in 2010, achieving such a modest goal should be a breeze.

The 26-year-old’s first real test is expected to come from either 10th seed Flavia Pennetta or rising Frenchwoman Aravane Rezai in the round of 16, with Danish third seed Caroline Wozniacki looming as Stosur’s projected quarterfinal foe.

  • Kinoumont

    Go Sam, control well your physical and emotional forces, be very aggressive physically and emotionally and don't let your opponents get any breath. Good luck for Wimbledon Trophy

  • Audrey

    Good luck Sam against Kaia Kanepi tomorow!
    I hope the weather in London will be nice because in France it has been raining for one week and today we're in summer…

  • Drine

    LET'S GO SAMMY, LET'S GO *clap clap* !!!!!!!
    C'mon Sam, you can do very well on grass, you know it ;) Good luck against Kanepi tomorrow :)))

  • Sten

    Sam,You really shouldn't to be hurting from loss to Schiavone,remember of that match by meaning acquire invaluable experience and highly useful desire to take revenge.And don't forget,Sammy,what You'd done on the way to the final !!! WHO ''fell'' by Your hand and HOW that was made!
    Just fight, keep on believing in Yourself,Sammy,play Your game and Your endeavour is gonna be crowned with success.

    Good luck against Kanepi !!!

    C'MON,SAM!!! SMAH'EM!!!

  • LankyDes

    Hi Sam. Just want to send my best wishes for Wimbledon. Now that you have become the star lots of us knew you could be , please stay the person we love. It seemed a bit out of character to see you swiping the ball away in frustration at yourself in your semi final defeat at Eastbourne.Ofcourse we want you to care but I don't think you need to do that.I also thought you might have conceded the line call you were gifted under your nose ; I know hardly any players would have done but I thought you might.

    Hope we see plenty of your lovely smile in the next two weeks as it will mean you are going well.

    Des Liverpool England

  • maria fernanda

    Good luck Sam ;) you are my favourite one

  • Joanna, Poland

    Samantha, I hope that you show what you really can on Wimbledon. Generally I'm supporting Radwanska ( sorry I have to:)))) but I think that you are the best, and you are ready to victories. Good luck

  • Jess

    Awesome, Sam! Looking forward to much more of your exciting tennis. You're a superb athlete, a generous competitor….simply magic! “buena suerte” …from northern California :)

  • Alejandro

    good luck in wimbledon!!!
    If you play well, you´ll win.

  • ai

    Good luck, Sam!

  • MoOm Zee

    you can do it ..

  • Ice

    Good luck for tomorrow Sam. We know that you can do it and have a brilliant Wimbledon. Kudos to my fav player :) Smash 'em Sam!

  • Dee

    Go for it Sam. Whatever the result, we're so proud of how well you're playing and will be burning the midnight oil to cheer you on!!

  • Thomas Debes

    good luck tomorrow, got a good feeling that you will get a good start and boost up your confidence for the rest of the tournament. just play your tennis and then i`m confident you will beat your personal best at wimbledon, wish you all the best tommorow:)

  • Jean-François

    Hi Sam :)
    All you have to do is to believe in you, and no doubt you'll go far in Wimbledon :) – I must admit that, when ( and I'm sure it will happen ) you play against Aravane Rezai, my heart will split in 2 parts, not only because I'm french, I love her tennis too.
    Then I'll be cheering both of you, but you a little more ( don't tell her ;) ) , and when you win this match, I'll be cheering you only :)
    I really wish you the best for Wimbledon, and I know you'll get more than you expect :)
    Please, no pressure, no gift to your opponents, just play confident, and….open road :)
    Go, Go, Sam ! We love you :)

  • milangg

    Hi Sam, You are right, it is not your favourite surface. But in some circumstances you can make a good result here. This afternoon you play on C18 with Kaia Kanepi. I think first rounds are very difficult for seeded. Kaia is well prepared for grass now, but you are also prepared. In the first set you can have some troubles, but it´s normal in the first round especially if you are seeded, but I like your effort to win the match and your play at the end of the match is superb. So I see the match like winning for you at the end.

  • Christian


    Good luck for Wimbledon! Hoping for big things from you this year.

    Christian, England.

  • Susie

    Sam, I believe you can go far at Wimbledon. You are a brilliant tennis player and best of luck

  • Tuzh Vlad

    With bated breath waiting for the start of the first match at Wimbledon. Good luck, Sammy! You're the best!

  • Ann Spp

    HI, i agree with your comment. Sam looks cool when she is well control of herself. See potentials of her skill and tactics, i beleive Sam will improve.

  • TimZ

    Congratulations for reaching rank one in the world, at least in the race! ;)
    Another great achievement, what a year. :) Rankings are to follow soon, I think. All the best against Kaia, I can't wait for the match to start.

  • Sylvain

    C'mon Sam, they're no match for you!
    Cheers from France

  • Rena_Egypt

    You can do it sam
    u can do it i know that . i know u will do ur best , just stay calm and focused .
    I wish u all the good luck. we will be cheering for u as always.
    good luck Sammy .
    from all ur Egyptian fans :)

  • Sha-Sha


  • Vaughan

    Hi Sam
    I have followed you for years, and win, lose or draw I'M STICKING WITH YOU GIRL !
    Keep going……….you can overcome the Wimbledon jinx.
    Best wishes from Queensland

  • Jean François (from France)

    Hi Sam :)
    Very sad that you lost against Kanepi :( . But once again, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Kanepi played a very solid game, and you've lost only because of doubt !
    Everybody knows it's very difficult to play qualifiers in a slam, Roger Federer was almost defeated yesterday :)
    You tried hard, and it nearly worked, you were very close in the 2nd set :) , and for this, we respect you, and we love you :)
    All you need now is to relax, take a really deserved rest, and then, you'll be back again.
    I know that it's easy for me to give you advice, and that my words won't comfort you as I'd like they would, but please, believe me : be confident, you'll beat each of your future oponents.
    Sure, you are disappointed, and I wish I could do something about that…all I can try is telling you the truth : I'm sad, yes, but you didn't disappointed me, because you fought hard, and the only reason of your defeat is an “inside head” reason, I know you'll improve soon on that too :)
    Then please, rest, and think positive :)
    Be sure that I (and millions of fans ) will keep on cheering you on next time, and the next time and…..
    We love you Sam :)

  • Guest

    Samantha! Please, do not be upset too much! Even great players lose sometimes & you are great))) Waiting for next tournament to see you:)

  • sammy fan

    You could have won!!!!! You were very close!!!!! I love watching you play, I am very dissapointed that you lost but you tried and I'm proud to see you play hard out there!!! I will watch you in doubles, and I hope to see you win this match with Petrova (what happend to Stubbs?). I also hope to see you with a positive attitude. A BIG part of tennis is mental and you did not execute that very well in the end of this match!!! Continue to play your heart and soul out!!!!! This is what you love to do so make it the best!!!!!! Good luck :)!!! Always!!!!

  • Lisa

    Ohhh Sammy, I'm feeling for you. I'm hoping I'll wake up tomorrow and it will all have been just a dream (you probably are too). Of course you'll be disappointed but don't be too hard on yourself. Kaia was a tough first round opponent and she served really well. You played some gutsy points, but she pulled out some big serves at crucial times. Hopefully you'll have better luck in the doubles draw…all the best…you're still awesome!

  • Rena_Egypt

    It's Ok Sam . u can do it next year .Don't be upset just get over it and prepare yourself well for The Australia open . Hope u good luck . just do ur best and u can handle anything i know . Good luck

  • LADyke

    Hi, Sam! I'm sad about the single's loss, but can't wait to see you play in the doubles! Hang in there!

  • Lien Soers

    I had my fingers crossed all day but damn wimbledon was over so quickly.
    But it's not because you lost a match that you lost the season, just don't ever stop with what your doing en always give you a 100 % for everything.
    The respect from all your fans is something you'll never lose.

  • Charline

    Hey Sam !
    I'm very SAD for today… But I know that it'snt your favourite surface… I hope that you'll win Wimbledon with Petrova !! You're the best tennis player for me, forget the match against Kanepi and play your better tennis with Petrova !

    Love U
    Charline, your biggest fan from Belgium !

  • Kathrin77

    Hey Sam, so this is the deal: Steffi`s retirement sort of stopped my tennis fan heart from beating. There was a looong time in which I wasn`t really interrested in watching women`s tennis (nobody there who`s game I really loved watching, way to much annoying grunting and also a mayor lack of finess, class and personality), My tennis fan heart was sort of reanimated when Kim and Justine returned. I even managed to get a ticket to this years semi final at Roland Garros and got on a plane to Paris hoping to see at least one of those two there. And guess what? Kim didn`t play at all and Justine never made it to the semi! As a result I got a little mad at “that Australian” at first! BUT it also made me pay a lot of attention to you and watching you pay I quickly realized I really liked what I saw! So, I declared you to be the one I wanted to go all the way! Basically within a blink of an eye I turned into someones fan again – yours! AND I even got to see you play live too. It was short though because…wow, I`d call that a JJ shoot ou! I hope I`ll get the chance to see you again someday – preferably on your home soil. ;o) Anyway, I`m sorry you didn`t get to lift that clay trophy – yet! Step by step and one step further every year. I hope I`ll manage to be in Paris again next year. ;o) However checking out shocked my little just reanimated tennis heart! Over and out! Oh well, it`s history already and tennis life goes on! And remember even the greatest ever managed to loose in the 1st round at Wimbledon …and went on to win the tournament the year after that.. Anyway, Sam thanks for bringing back the tennis fever in me and the joy of really getting into a match because of beeing someones fan. No matter who is standing on the other side of the net I`ll cheer for you from now on! So keep the good spirit up and go out there and kick some ass! Good look for all the tournaments to come! Thumps up from Hamburg, Germany. Kathrin

  • LankyDes

    Sam ; some lovely comments below for you from Kathrin77, Jean-Francois and others. I wasn't really surprised you lost as I knew it wasn't an easy draw and you did look out of sorts with your lovely self in your semi at Eastbourne. Like Andy Murray, you are finding out how hard it is to lose a Grand Slam final especially when you and we all thought you would win.You will bounce back ; you've beaten Lyme's disease , a far greater enemy than losing a tennis match.

    Really take the opportunity to enjoy your doubles without quite the mental stress of singles( can you still enter the mixed too? I'm sure there will be no shortage of players ready to partner you ).You first came to my attention in the mixed doubles at Wimbledon and it will be great to see you being able to smile during the matches too.

    Love and Best Wishes
    Des,Liverpool, England