Sam wise to smiling Serena

AAP: Samantha Stosur says she won’t be falling for any of Serena Williams’ mind games before Wednesday’s much-anticipated battle for a spot in the French Open semi-finals.

The Australian rolled her eyes and laughed when she heard of the world No.1’s gushing comments about her on Monday.

Just moments after Stosur had halted four-time champion Justine Henin’s 24-match unbeaten streak at Roland Garros 2-6 6-4 6-1 in the fourth round, Williams told reporters that Stosur “has a good chance to go all the way”.

“Yeah she’s amazing,” Williams said.

“She’s fast, she is strong and has a great serve. You know I don’t know if she has a real weakness.”

Consider that 12-time grand slam champion Williams all but dismissed Stosur as a hack only last July after the Australian toppled her at Stanford.

“She had a lot of lucky shots. She’s a good framer.” That was Williams’ comment at the time.

No wonder Stosur took the latest praise with more than a pinch of salt.

“She can say that but she knows we have to play each other in two days’ time,” Stosur told AAP.

“Whether or not she actually believes it, who knows?

“I guess it is a nice thing to say but at the end of the day we are going to compete against each other and she is not going to lie down to me for one moment.”

Stosur knows the powerful American is probably the biggest remaining hurdle in her quest to win Australia’s first French Open singles title since 1973.

The Gold Coaster is bursting with confidence from toppling Henin and having a win-loss record of 18-2 on clay this year doesn’t hurt either.

She seemed far from bothered about their last meeting when Williams blasted her off the court 6-4 6-2 in the round of 16 at the Australian Open.

“She beat me fair and square and played well, I did not really get into the match but I did not play that bad, she was just too good,” said Stosur.

“Hopefully that is not going to be the case on Wednesday.

“Different situation, different court, different everything.

“So I know I have beaten her once and and hopefully Wednesday will be a second time.

“But in grand slams it is always hard to beat Serena, no matter what the situation.”

She is right there.

Williams is the game’s equivalent of the Terminator, incredibly difficult to kill off and the American looked like she was hitting top form in her 6-2 6-2 win over 18th seed Shahar Peer on Monday.

“I feel prepared every year and I always dive out in the quarters,” said Williams.

“I am just trying to get past that this year.”

The 2002 champion has not progressed beyond the quarter-finals at Roland Garros since 2003 and it is her worst surface.

But only a fool would count her out.

With Henin out and Kim Clijsters injured, the winner of the Stosur-Williams clash is a good chance of going on to claim the title.

After beating Stosur at Melbourne Park this year, Williams said to the Australian crowd: “Sorry guys, maybe next time”.

Maybe indeed.

  • Kathy W

    Hi Sam, I am a new and ardent fan….I KNOW you can and WILL beat Serena Williams.
    Sincerely, Kathy

  • Audrey

    Sam good luck against S. Williams! ahah! Terminator that’s the word : )

  • Claudio

    Serena … She’s a server, nothing else.

  • Paul Sargeant

    Go Sam – great win. All the best for the next round.
    You are the best!!!!!!!!!

  • way to go, young lady!

  • galouk

    Hey Sam. Congrats for ending Henin’s clay career. Well not exactly true right? but you victory over Henin is that big!!!
    Now it’s gonna Williams turn. You can do that honey. Serena is no stronger than Justine. She’s just perfect for you to show what you’re capable of. Berating Williams isn’t harder than beating Henin. The French title is for you honey.

  • Drine

    Pffff…..Serena….don't pay attention to what she's saying Sam, just play your game, relax, no stress, keep focused ;)
    You must be full of confidence after this amazing win against Justine so keep it up and see you in the semis Sammy :)))))

  • Nolwenn

    New Day! New Court! & New Attitude!

    If you don´t might I would only say: please run on stops, do not do like vs de los rios ; )

    For me Hénin was the biggest hurdle on your way to the title! Go for it, you deserve it!

  • Kathryn Barlet

    Great tennis. I'm hoping you compress Miss S! K from the USA

  • Barney

    Hey Sam…You are my favorite on the WTA tour. Serena cannot beat you physically…only in your head…DON'T LET HER!!! Good Luck!

    Coach B

  • Deretta

    Hi Samantha

    Congratulations on winning your match against Justine Henin and you're in the quarter finals. Good on you! And you are correct in ignoring Serena's mind games.

    All power to you. We' are in your corner.


  • nick

    Hi Sam,
    you have the game to win this thing.Keep the points short against Serena and play aggressively.You know you can beat her.

    good luck

  • Agent Farnsworth

    No better time than in the quarterfinal of a Grand Slam. You can do it Sam.

  • Basa Roland

    I hope you succeed in the early “jump out ” Serena! But then to get power thrugh the whole game! My fans are very you, Samantha !!!

  • Toni

    Great playing Sam, you just keep making us more and more proud! You can beat Serena, run her around on that clay court and take charge! What a great season! I feel fortunate to have seen you at Indian Wells this year. It's great to see someone who has worked so hard do so well. Congrats and enjoy your ride to the top. You got this one, go for it!

  • Tanya McKechnie

    Congratulations Sam on your win against Henin. You're a fighter so go on out there and take it to Serena – we're right behind you. It's all yours for the taking! Tanya

  • Sten

    C'mon Sammy! It's a just one more opponent,and one more challenge.Serena's got enough flaws in her play.Play Your game and put her under press!!!

  • sam

    After clearing the Justine hurdle, what a tense and gritty win against a strong Serena…Awesome and well deserved win, with cool nerves in the final games of the third set!…Wow!! i'm all fan!!…