Sam stars in Film Festival promo

Sam Stosur recently showed that she’s just as comfortable in front of the camara as she is on court. While in Sydney, Sam took some time out to shoot a promo for the Changing Ends 2011 ‘Take Two’ – Tennis Short Film Festival. Watch Sam in action.Visit the Changing Ends website for more information on the competition and details on how to enter.

  • LindaChiang

    Hi Sam :
    It's definitely not your problem , that sentence is god damn long ~ ,
    but it's interesting to see your face expression when you almost forgot how to say it ,
    Cute Sammy !! ><

  • Sue Saccardi

    That was very funny Sam.

  • Elena Konovalova

    You’re real talent, Sammy!

  • Rena_Egypt

    :D :D that's funny! I love it.C'mon Sam study your lines well :D

  • Rena_Egypt

    Congratulations on the wing against Errani Sam.I'm really happy for you :).This you're first time to reach round four at the USO.Well done Sammy
    Get ready for Elena she's a tough opponent but u can smash her too.Smash her Sam

  • Kalim0077

    Dear Sam, Hay! You are the best in this world. Best of luck. From- Kalim0077 (INDIA)

  • Dems1

    I have very much enjoyed your match against Sara Errani. I recorded it and I have watch it several times.
    Go on like this. It is just great.

    Sjef Hoefsmit

  • Julie

    Great article =P

    Julie from Belgium

  • Sam_USA

    Okay, where's the teleprompter???

  • Jim

    Great performance Sam. You're a star even when you fluff your lines!

  • Mario_cro

    Cute and funny Sammy, that long line is not easy to say in camera ;)

  • Chinchilla93

    Nice !!!!!!! I love it
    cant wait to meet you in Melbroune for the first time I am going to be over in Jan!  I love the video !! I am going to wear my US open hat you signed for me!!!!!
    Congrats again on a Amazing title last month!!!!!!!!!!
    you really earned the title!
    see you in Australia !!!!!