Sam inspires on and off the court

Samantha Stosur’s inspirational run to the French Open final is set to not only encourage the next generation of tennis players, but also drive the development of top tennis facilities.

Stosur’s commitment to giving more young Australians the opportunity to play tennis led to her role as ambassador for Tennis Australia’s Courts and Facilities program, a role she took up in February.

“This is a very exciting time for tennis in Australia,” Stosur said.

“We have a chance to really develop and foster tennis facilities around the nation and give every child the chance to play and enjoy tennis, a sport that has given me so much.

“Tennis Australia’s National Court Rebate Scheme is helping achieve this with 860 courts already approved for upgrades and more than $137 million generated in funding for facilities in the past two years.

“If we can keep building new courts and fixing some of those that are in need of repair it will give kids more and more opportunities to play tennis on quality surfaces.

“Building tennis courts in communities is the best way to continue stimulating tennis at the grass roots and I want people to be able to discover tennis in their own neighbourhood.

“It is a great social activity for every age group and a fantastic way to keep active and fit.

“Tennis clubs are such an intrinsic part of rural communities and my hope is that these upgrades will encourage even more people to get out and enjoy the game and get the same amount of enjoyment from tennis as I have.”

In the past month funding has been approved for Basterfield Park, Bulleen and Wonga Park Tennis Clubs in Victoria, Washpool, Bundaleer, Laura and Peak Gardens Riverside Tennis Clubs in South Australia, Gympie and District Tennis Association in Queensland and Springs Tennis Association in the Northern Territory.

  • Jim

    It’s great that your fantastic achievements are providing a boost for Australian tennis, and it’s exciting to think that a whole generation of Aussie stars will have been inspired by your play and off-court demeanor. But I don’t think the impact will be limited to Australia. I can’t help thinking about how you said you were inspired by the match you saw Steffi and Monica play in Melbourne in ’93. I imagine some little girl (or boy) who was lucky enough to see your matches against Serena and Justine, years later after winning their first grand slam proudly saying “I was there, I saw Sam play those great matches and I wanted to be just like her”. You bring so much to the women’s game that has been sadly missing in recent years. Tennis is the winner, not just in Australia, but in the whole world. Thanks Sam!

  • Alejandro

    hi sam! I like how you play. I saw the match in roland garros and I think you were nervous.
    Don´t think about this match and play well in wimbledon. I think you can be the number one

  • Thomas

    i agree with this, it`s a great sport to play. everyone should get a chance to play

  • Sven

    It’s great that you don’t only do tennis for yourself, but also for others who love the sport :)

  • Florent Craon

    I love you Sam

  • maria fernanda

    You are an inspiration.
    I hope that one day I could play tennis because here in my country it is not a common sport and is too expensive pay for the lessons :( but I am saving money to play it this summer =D

  • Singlecolor75

    Hi ! Sam~
    This is too good for everyone,
    Have fun~!!

  • LindaChiang

    That's really meaningful,I also hope more and more people play tennis!!

  • Jayashr

    Keep It Goin Sam

  • marion

    it's great ! very … tu pourrais venir le faire chez moi ^^ dans le Sud de la France, dans un beau département qui s'appelle ” les alpes de hautes provence ”

  • jim

    A week has passed and still can't look at the photos of you at the presentation ceremony, the smile gone from your eyes, without misting up a little myself. Fortunately I know you are made of sterner stuff, and that you will have analyzed the loss together with Dave to be better prepared the next time you face a similar situation. You didn't do much wrong, certainly didn't choke like some shallow observers have suggested. The match just kind of slipped away like sand between your fingers, much quicker at the end than anyone expected. So much harder to resist than Serena's booming serves flying left and right, because they at least gave you something to focus on. Francesca just gnawed away at your certainty, so at the end you weren't quite sure any more how to react (come to the net or stay back, play the backhand or run around it). That's an entirely different problem than choking or nerves, and one that you can work on like any technical problem in your game. I know you'll have learned from this, like you learn from all your losses and even your easy wins, so that next time you'll know what to do. You are already so good Sam and improving all the time. Your rivals should be afraid, very afraid.

  • Katherine

    I think that Sam was not meant to win Roland Garros in 2010. I think that GOD will decide when and if Sam is to lift and Grand Slam Trophy.

  • Sten

    i've got a question!
    If somebody can enumerate all of members of Sam's team at this moment or in the past from early years of career : would you help me to find out,please???

  • Olga

    Hi, Sam!
    Looking at you my dream is to play tennis. But I think it's too late for me. I'm 23.
    It's great that you cheer up little boys and girls. Well done!


    Hello Samantha, here is one week of spent and my grief is always the same. You know that although I is 30 years old, I burst into tears when you lost your Roland Garros's finale. I cried all evening long and even during night!!!! I think that it is even harder for you!!!! Today, my grief is always so heavy!!!!! Sincere feelings!!!!! Samantha I like you ! I embrace you enormously! Never I shall forget you!!!!!!!!

  • Marieke


    I have a suggestion. Maybe it would be nice to not only see where same has played but also where she is going to play, upcoming events so to speak. So we can follow Sam better!
    Love that there is more to share on the website lately.


  • Sara (Portugal)

    Hi Sam =) just stop by to wish you good luck for Eastbourne! ;)

  • Jim

    Good luck against Oudin today Sam, I know you can beat her.

    PS Lleyton beat Roger in Halle! On grass! How great is that? Nothing is impossible, and not just for Francesca ;-)

  • Leigh-Ann Ludwig

    This is fantastic news for Australian tennis! We never hear what happens behind the scenes, only what’s going on during the tournaments!
    I wish that South Africa could produce great players again and encourage the game even more here!!! We’re obsessed with rugby, cricket, soccer and golf. Would be wonderful to have some of the top tennis players and others visiting our magnificent country and getting the crowds behind them!

  • Mer-be

    Good luck sam, I’m cheering for you :-) Merethe

  • Julie

    Good luck for Eastbourne Sam ! ;-)
    I love you =)

  • Alejandro

    hi sam!
    good luck for eastbourne.

  • Alejandro

    congratulations on your first match in eastbourne


    Hello Samantha, here is one week of pass and my grief is always the same. You know that although I is 30 years old, I burst into tears when you lost your Roland Garros's finale!!!!!!!!!!! I cried all evening long and even during night!!!!! I think that it is even harder for you !!!!!!! Today, my grief is always so heavy!!!!! I wish good luck to you for Wimbledon 2010 !!!!!!!!! I shall be with you wholeheartedly !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Samantha I like you!!! I embrace you enormously!!!! Never I shall forget you !!!!!!!!!!!