Sam disappointed with loss

Samantha Stosur was left gutted after failing to capitalise on three service breaks in the final set of her 6-4 5-7 6-3 quarterfinal defeat on a blustery night in New York to Kim Clijsters.

“You can’t break serve and have chance after chance after chance and blow it in a quarterfinal,” Stosur said.

“It’s just too big an opportunity to let go, and unfortunately that’s what I did.

“I know Kim’s a great player and a very tough opponent here. It wasn’t the easiest match to win – but when you have chances like that, that’s what’s disappointing, to kind of lose them on your own racquet.

“I don’t think she really stepped up and hit 12 winners to break my serve three times in a row.”

In fact, Clijsters broke Stosur’s usually unbreakable serve eight times in the match, prompting the crestfallen Australian to declare the defeat one of the toughest of her career.

“I’m going to be disappointed about this one,” the 26-year-old said.

“Any time you lose deep in a Grand Slam, it’s tough, no matter what the circumstance.

“I guess if you play a little bit better it’s easier to take. I don’t think either of us played our best tennis tonight by any means.”

As well as the decider, Stosur let slip a 4-2 advantage in the opening set.

“It was definitely tough conditions, windiest conditions I’ve played in all week, but probably the worst I’ve served all week as well,” the French Open runner-up said.

“Put those two things together and you don’t hold serve for the third set and you lose.”

The one positive Stosur could draw from the loss was having reached her second Grand Slam quarterfinal of the season.

“I know I can walk away happy with that, but I think there was definitely a chance to make it a little bit better,” said the world No.6.

“Without a doubt my best year by far. Coming off the two weeks off that I had to have [off with an arm injury] and then to come here and have my best result and play three definitely very good matches here, I’m very pleased.

“It’s just unfortunate that I had to end like this.”

  • Swimmer-18


    You played really well today!!!

    I was hoping that you'd win but you played a graet match anyways….. :)))

    You should be proud for making a really big jump from all your past U.S. Open results !!!

    Go Sammm :))

  • LindaChiang

    Hey Sammy , don't be disppointed , tennis rule sometimes is very cruel ,
    because there is only one winner on the court , but look back your career life,
    it's a big advance this time , you have been worked so hard , and you did get some good results ,
    now you have a powerful forehand , good serving , beautiful slice hand and nice volley ,
    and you always excute your game plan perfectly , that's my favorite part !!
    The only thing you have to practice is even under the pressure , you still can work those weapons normally , you have experienced so many big matchs this year , it's not so far for you to get a
    Grand Slam title , come on ! Sammy , I know you have the potential , I believe you know that too. : )

  • J TennisFan

    less predictability on serve and improve first serve precentage, improve backhand, cut forehand errors and better choice on which balls to follow on, and you shall win a grand slam.

  • Jim

    Dear Sam, of course you're disapppointed now, but in a way that only shows how far you have come in such a short space of time. I'm pretty sure that if someone had told you at the start of this year you would lose a tight three-set quarterfinal to the defending champ you'd have been delighted. Your belief in yourself as a contender in the top events against the very best players is maybe the outstanding feature of your vastly improved game. I loved the way you stayed aggressive when the conditions got ugly. It was Kim, not you, whose body language got very negative, and she only got through by cutting down her error count at the end, not by grasping the nettle like you did. Nine times out of ten the more aggressive play reaps the rewards, this time was the exception. You will prevail Sam, and later I believe you will look back on this loss with pride rather than regret.

  • Carol-wilnerzon

    that was really heartbreaking, to watch you lose, but you should be happy with yourself! you did and amazing performance this year and making it to the quarterfinals at a grand slam tournament is really great! I would love to have seen you at the finals and win it all, but the best we can do is learn from our mistakes, I'm sure you will win the Australia Open next year!! keep positive!! God bless you. :)

  • Fred

    like kim said 2nd serve variation is holding you back ! make a mistake, learn, improve and you will get there sam, good tournament overall, beaten your previous, 2011 will be better

  • Ice

    Hi Sam, don't beat yourself about the loss. Tough to take when you think you could have done a bit more. But the conditions weren't good and you played a very seasoned and former world number one who knows all about winning no matter who the opponent is or what the conditions are. She has the mentality of a true champion which I am sure that you will have very soon. Take the positives and look how you have come not only in the US Open but over the last year or so. Keep smiling and keep believing Sam cause you are going from strength to strength. Learn from the loss and come back mentally stronger and more determined. Kudos to my fav player :)

  • Lisamhart1

    What an amazing journey to watch. How far has this lady come and how far she still has to go. I know Sam is going to make it and match it with the best in the world. That is what hard work and determination does. Go Sam, I am sure all of Australia and Tennis fans over the world are enjoying the ride.

  • Elena Konovalova

    You're forever my number 1, Sammy. I don't tire of repeating this, Sam. Only you can make me cry after such a match as against Dementieva. You're in great shape, confident in yourself. You play smart tennis, and it always brings a good result. Be patient, Sam, all your best victory ahead. Just believe in that……always. Love you, baby.

  • Christian Brockmeier

    “It’s just unfortunate that I had to end like this.”

    (Very) Fortunally you don't “end”… (!)

  • Jean-François ( from France )

    Hi Sammy :) – Please don't blame yourself, and see the positive :) . Look at the year until now, how your game has improved, and what you've already done ! Jim almost wrote the words I wanted to write :)
    And, don't forget the conditions. It's very hard to play with such a wind, moreover in a grand slam QF, and facing Kim . You said it, none of you played your best tennis… and the one who's more used to these situations won. Nothing to be ashamed of, believe me :)
    And there are some more things you must remember and be proud of : your tennis is really the most interesting to watch for us :) – Your behavior, on court and out of court, is just perfect – And you've already given us so much until now…. I want to say thank you again Sam, for all the great moments I've had ;)
    You're on the road, Sam, keep it up, so much good things to come :)
    Believe in yourself, as we do believe in you !
    We all love you, Sam :)


  • Thomas Debes

    well of course you are disapointed after making it this far and then end up not playing your best, but at least you made a deep run at the us open for the first time, look at the positives and of course take some days to dwell on this match aswell. you had a lot of chances so i know that will take some time to digest, but thats tennis. keep it up work hard and you will get your grand slam i`m sure of it. i know you have the talent for one. al the best for the rest of the year. :)

  • Sue Saccardi

    I know you are disappointed. No words can help ease for your feelings right now. Your composure on court is very impressive and speaks volumes to the person you seem to be. As far as disappointment goes, google my friend Al Seeger. He is a professional boxer who has seen his share of disappointment in the past 1.5 years. Some of his stories may inspire you. Hopefully you can rest your arm and have a strong finish.

  • TimZ

    Dear Sammy,

    please don't be too sad! Sure there were some chances yesterday, but still there are lots of positive things to look at: In the previous matches against Kim, you didn't even win a set, now you were close to beating her, that's a big improvement! It was by far your best US Open result. You made such a big step this year, you made your career best result at so many tournaments (or even every tournament except Wimbledon? I'm not sure about that…), I mean there must be some room left for the next step next year! ;-) And this year you proved that you can beat anyone anytime. Finally: The year is not over! There are still some tournaments ahead, a title waits to be defended in Osaka and we are all excited about your first singles-Tour-Championships-appearance.

    So enjoy your time off and I hope to see you fresh on the courts in Tokyo then.

    Best wishes and lots of love,


  • Drine

    Aww Sammy, it's easy to understand your disappointment and your frustration, I do share these feelings, you really had your chances in this match but hey, you really need to keep the positives considering the situation you were in when you entered the tournament. You've just had your best USO ever and you produced a fantastics tennis, a top quality tennis!!! I'll always remember that epic match against Elena, wow!!! Of course, it's a sad way to end the story but I'm still very proud of your achievement and your improvements, especially mentally. You know, and WE know, that one day, you'll be lifting a GS trophy, you have the right attitude, the weapons, you have a great team around you, you just have everything to reach that goal ;)
    Now, time to get some rest before the Asian tournaments, I wish you the best there, take care Sammy!!!! We love you!!!!

  • Antonio


    a derrota torna a vitória mas doce…

    Antonio – Brazil

  • ilhan gökçay >< türkiye

    Sam was supposed to be a little more cold-blooded :(

    re with you always <3

  • MartinDK

    Sam – you're still the queen !!

  • milangg

    Hey Sam, It was really big chance to go to SF. Normally Kim play very well and is unbeatable. But today Kim was really beatable. She made many UE and DF. You started the match well 4:2 is a good position. After a loss of your service, you lost it for the second time very quickly. At that moment it was a difficult for you, but you won closely a second set. At that moment Kim was down and in final set she lost 3 consecutive services. Unfortunately you did the same and Kim went up…..I think you are the only one player who could beat Kim now. I know it is not simple, but like you know it was a big chance today. You played good matches here, Vesnina was a very strong opponent, and last match with Dementieva was difficult. I think this year was great for you, I hope you will continue next year. I like to see you on the court. So you have to forget today´ dissapointement and to see new challenges. Thank you for good job and a pleasure to see you play. GL

  • Patricia

    Hi Samantha, even if you lost this match it was so worth it to get up in the middle of the night to watch your game.I can imagine how disappointed you are right now, but it was not your last quarter finale in a grand slam that's for sure.
    All I can say is you are such an extraordinary Tennis player Samantha it is always such a joy to watch how you play.I hope you will have some days off and then look forward for the next tournemants you will have ahead, wish you all the best ;-D

  • a young girl from Sydney

    of course there is dissappointment with matches such as these, but I'm looking forward to watching the aus open non-stop this summer on channel 7, having momentary heart attacks over and finally seeing you WIN the aus open in the land of aus. (i'm trying to not jinx you) if you continue the way you are, there is no doubt that you will win not only titles but at least a grand slam and you will make australia proud once again of a true tennis star, both great in game and in character

    lots and lots of love,

    a young girl from sydney

  • Jessie

    So it goes, Sammy. “hit and miss” …in life as it is in tennis. Always a joy to watch you play.

    certain you've learned many things this go 'round that you'll put in your tool bag for another day… Cheers to you and your efforts! You've got some dedicated fans here in the U.S. Looking forward to more great Sammy tennis in the future.

  • lorenamazzoni

    Hey Sam!! Don´t be disappointed!!!!! Yes, you had a lot of chances, you break her serve many times…but this happens!!! You have to be proud, you are having an incredible year…great results in clay, hard courts, quaterfinals at the US Open!!!!! Come on girl!!!!! I love your game!! Take care!! VAMOS!!!

  • Mario_cro

    Sam it is natural that you are disappointed and I'am sad too because of your defeat but in this you can learn something and improve your game for better result next time. I think you had more difficult schedule and draw from Kim and she isn't better player from you it's just few details which are responsible for her win. In last set you have opportunity to beat her but that details save her, you just didn,t hit few serve very well and shot some balls in net and out. Don't give up Sammy, you have potential for great results.

  • Patricia

    Hi Samantha!! Even if you lost this match it was so worth it to get up in the middle of the night to watch your game.I can imagine how disappointed you are right now, but it was not your last quarter finale in a grand slam that's for sure.
    All I can say is you are such an extraordinary Tennis player Samantha it is always such a joy to watch how you play.I hope you will have some days off and then look forward for the next tournemants you will have ahead, wish you all the best ;-D

  • Ned

    Don't beat yourself up – It's good to analyse what went wrong but stop at a point before the post-mortem becomes damaging. You are on an uphill climb. Never done it so I can't know how hard it is. The important thing is, you are still climbing. Personally, I'm blown away that Sam Stosur can reach quarter finals of the US Open without even being at her best! You are so awesome .. A long & highly successful career is still in front of you!

  • Hi, Sam!

    What a badluck! I'm still disappointed. ((((((((

    But don't give up PLEASE! You're the most charming tennis player! You always will be №1 in my heart! Thank you for these two incredible weeks!

    Kisses from Russia)

  • Marjan van Vuuren (Holland)

    Hey Sam, you can hold your head up high! You've had some really tough matches in your draw and never gave up. And you certainly made Kim work for this one. Every time you play against her, you do better (unless I'm very much mistaken, this was the first time you took a set off her, that is a big step), so next time for sure you'll beat her! And I am absolutely convinced that sooner rather than later you will win a first Grand Slam title. Your day will come!

  • Ameli

    I think you've had a great run at US Open, Sammy!
    Don't be so hard on yourself for losing to Kim last night.
    Yes, it was windy, and yes nor you nor Kim were at your best.
    BUT, you must remember that you've played phenomenal and super exhausting match against Dementieva on Sunday.
    I don't even know if you had time at all to recuperate from that match.
    I'm not trying to make any excuses for you, but Kim was in advantage being well rested.
    I believe that if you had played last night at the superior tennis level that you showed on Sunday, Kim would've lost.
    But don't look back.
    You've had a fantastic year!
    You're in a great shape.
    You'll always be a true tennis champion in my tennis book.
    Don't you know what a phenomenal athlete and person you are?! ;)
    Wish you all best in your future tennis endeavors.

  • ai

    Sam, it was a tough loss…but don't be disappointed, you had great matches and a great effort.

    Good luck in Tokyo.Looking forward to seeing you :)

  • Sarah

    Hey Sam, it´s so hard because it was such a close game and you had so many chances to end Kim` s reign.Of course you are disappointed!!! Who would not be disappointed?!? But girl thank you for these nice US Open. It was really a pleasure watching you!! It´s going to make you even stronger. Take some rest! Greetings from Germany —

  • Tennis fan in NC

    I love watching you play. You play an inspiring game of tennis.

  • Saskia Schloesser

    Hej Sammy, don´t be so disappointed, please! You are such a great player and you give so much!!
    You give always your best and it is so much fun to see you playing!
    Don´t be so sad! Next time, I´m sure, you will use your chances and than YOU laugh!
    You are a great struggler and a wonderful person.
    You conjures a smile on our faces!
    Take care Champ!!!!
    Take your head up high and this is what you have to do!!

  • Ken

    Hello Sam,
    No worries. Keep going and I'm sure you'll win a Grand Slam very soon.

  • French'in'Mex

    Hi Sam, thank you for the emotion you gave me saving those 4 match points on sunday, it was incredible! It's been a frustrating match against Kim but you will use this experience to get even stronger in the coming months, no doubt about it. Serena, Kim, Jelena, they all fear you now, and it's only the beginning… You're welcome in Mexico anytime!

  • Stac3210


    Dude you played an awesome US Open!! No reason for you to be down. You maanged to get to the quarters of a tournament you never even made it past the 1st round. You played an INCREDIBLE match until 1:38 am 2 days prior. It was windy as….You had an arm injury and were off for 2 weeks. Gee think you should give yourself a break!! keep at it, keep improving. All of us as you fans will be right there supporting for the next tournament. And as a fellow player, I take that serve anyday of the week and twice on mondays! lol If you wanna come and teach me Id be willing to learn……


  • Patrick

    hello Sam,
    you played great tennis in this tournament and you shouldn't be too disappointed to loose against Kim who is a great champion. The positive thing is: you have made a lot of progress and you are now among the top 5 players in the world.
    You gave us such great emotions … thank you for your beautiful attitude on the courts.
    Patrick (France).

  • Rena_Egypt

    It's ok Sam.I know you're disappointed coz you had some good chances to win that match,but it's ok.You did what u could.Next year you're gonna reach the final for sure.Go Sammy.We love u and always support you

  • Wilfriedlemmens

    Being from Belgium myself I am a huge fan of Justine, Kim and Yanina. But since last year – after I saw you play against Wickmayer – you are just one of my 4 favorite women tennisplayers And the glasses uou wear make you look very cool. Wim, from Ghent/Belgium

  • Wayne – New Haven USA

    Keep the faith, Sam. You were playing in harsh conditions… neither you nor Kim was able to play her best tennis in that wind. Maybe the take-away is to develop more of a Plan B (or Plan C): That if you aren't winning a match playing your usual power game, to try something different. I'm no expert, but I would have loved to have seen you try a new approach in that third set, give her some different looks. Nevertheless, you had your best US Open, by far, and lost to the eventual champion. No shame in that!

  • Hi Sammy! Thanks for US Open 2010! It was your the best! Yeah, you had a real real chance to defeat Kim in 1st, 2nd, 3rd… lacked a little bit, sorry. This is a great disappointment for you and for all of us; but Hammer has a huge potential now! This is obvious for all. You delivered beautifully against Elena Dementieva, you continues to improve and time is working for you building the confidence you need among the top 10 of WTA Tour. And about this Kim and her playing… she was just lucky and no more, pure survival. You will smash her in the nearby future, I am sure this! Successful Asian tour! I'm always on your side of the court! With the best wishes, Vladimir.