Prime-time Sam

Samantha Stosur has welcomed her promotion to top billing for her marquee US Open quarterfinal with defending champion Kim Clijsters.

Stosur and Clijsters have relegated American superstar Venus Williams from the prime-time TV slot and will slug it out in the feature night match at Arthur Ashe Stadium on Tuesday (Wednesday 9am AEST).

Australia’s world No.6 Stosur felt justice had been served after she’d been involved in the latest-finishing women’s singles match in US Open history on Sunday, an epic three-set triumph over Elena Dementieva.

Photos: US Open 2010 quarterfinals

“Me or Elena, whoever won that one, was in a pretty bad position to play Kim, who played first on Sunday,” Stosur told AAP after a light hitting session on Monday.

“I think it’s only fair that at least I was allowed as much as rest as possible after my match to try and back up.”

Stosur made it to bed around 5am on Monday morning after completing a tense 6-3 2-6 7-6(2) win at 1.37 am in New York.

The French Open runner-up spent just 25 minutes loosening up with an easy late afternoon practise session with coach David Taylor.

“Obviously I didn’t work on anything. Just wanted to get out there and move around and try to run out some of the lactate,” Stosur said.

After saving four match points against Dementieva to become the first Australian woman to make the quarterfinals at Flushing Meadows since Wendy Turnbull 26 years ago, Stosur said she’d be free-rolling against Clijsters.

The Belgian is once again title favourite after extending her winning streak in New York to 18 matches with an emphatic 6-2 6-1 fourth-round defeat of Ana Ivanovic.

“Obviously she’s a great player and I’ve played a great tournament so far and now I get the second seed,” Stosur said.

“I’m just going to go out and enjoy it and it’s matches like last night that are really fun to play and you just want to keep playing matches like that.

“Against Kim, if we can play our best tennis, I’m sure it will be a good one.

“I’ve had my best ever result here ever and playing well and up against the defending champion.

“So, really, I don’t think I have anything to lose. It’s one of those matches where you’ve got everything to gain and you just want to play well.

“And if you play well, then usually you’ll have a good result or a good match.”

Third-seeded Williams will play French Open champion Francesca Schiavone in the first women’s quarterfinal on Tuesday (about 6 am AEST Wednesday).

  • Lorena Mazzoni (Argentina)

    Prime time!!!! Excellent!!!!! That´s fair for you Sam!!!! So tomorrow I´ll be supporting you again…bur earlier!!!!! Good luck!!! Enjoy!!!!! You have nothing to lose!!! Go for it!!! VAMOS!!!!!!!

  • Sam_USA

    Hi,Sam, I was very happy when I saw that they had given you the 7:00 pm match time.
    You're right, you've had an outstanding tournament. You have played four very tough matches and none of your opponents were flakes. They are all good players and any one of them could be standing where you are now, in any section of the draw. You should be pleased with yourself. We are. We're all so very very proud of you! You've played like a samurai but conducted yourself like a lady. You are a true champion. So, go out tomorrow night and play the game that makes you happy and just have fun. You've earned it!!!
    Take care, Baby Girl. Love always. Semper Fi

  • Jim

    Hey Sam, good to see you getting the appreciation you deserve. This is a dream match up for the tournament organizers, so it's only logical to give it the prime slot. And although you might have preferred to meet Kim a bit later in the draw, I'm sure you're pumped up and excited to play again in front of a crowd going absolutely crazy. Have fun Sam, and I have a feeling you will have a good chance of breaking Kim's winning streak like you did with Justine in Paris. Love ya!

  • Bruce

    Fantastic to hear you will be on “prime time” as you and Kim are definitely are amazing to watch.
    She will have the crowd more than likely on her side but you will have so many fans willing you on as we all know that your game can beat ANYONE!
    I love watching you play so can’t wait for the next match :))))

  • Marjan van Vuuren (Holland)

    For your last match, I got up around 5 AM to watch it live. Kinda funny that that’s when you got to go to bed. For this one, I’ll have to stay up until well past midnight to even see it start but I’m looking forward to it. Clijsters is a tough draw, but certainly no better than you in your present form. Good luck, Sam!

  • will

    stosur is my favourite tennis player in history hope she beats kim

  • LindaChiang

    Hi Sam:
    I can't believe that you went to the bed at 5:am after the 4 RD match , it's just crazy ,
    I hope you don't feel exhausted about that , so once again you stand under the spot light ,
    Kim will be the most tough one player in this contest , she had a quick movement and always
    places balls on the court variously , if you don't take it early , the situaion is going to be very dangirous , but at the same time , don't be afraid to rally with her , your serve is the best weapon ,
    just hold it , and give everything to this game , you can do it !! Go Sam !!!

  • Linny

    you can do it sam! you can certainly break kim’s winning streak and you’ve got it inside you. i will be on teh edge of my seat at 9AM tomorrow morning checking my ibm slamtracker every 2 seconds. hahaha. good luck from the land of aus =D

  • Jean-François ( from France )

    “I’m just going to go out and enjoy it and it’s matches like last night that are really fun to play and you just want to keep playing matches like that…….
    “So, really, I don’t think I have anything to lose. It’s one of those matches where you’ve got everything to gain and you just want to play well….”
    Yesss, Sam :) I’m glad to hear you saying that ! Just play your tennis and enjoy being there. No pressure on you, Sam, each game you win now is a game you’ve never won before. It will be a tough match, Sam, but we all know you can do it : you can beat anybody !! And I think the pressure is on Kim’s shoulders now ;)
    And remember, the people shouting for you in NY are just the visible part of the iceberg, we are a lot more all around the world, shouting even louder :)
    Come on Sammy, Come on !
    We all love you :)

  • Ned

    I won’t give you any armchair advice .. You fight so hard & your capacity for hard work is fantastic. You know how bad you want this .. We love you!!

  • Elena Konovalova

    Good luck tomorrow, Sammy! Clijsters is now in excellent shape, but you must fight until the last ball. Because you have the same chances to win, like her, despite the fact that you never won against her before. You know that it’s possible to win only with one big desire and endless belief in yourself. Stay calm and restraint at a crucial moment and you win. Be absolutely relaxed, she needs to worry, instead of you. But she's not iron. And remember that you‘re ready to do it. My fingers are crossed for you always, baby.

  • Doncaskey

    Another successful “day at the office” for Samantha. Stosur.


    New Zealand

  • BennyG

    Sam, you’re exactly right on the money there, you have nothing to lose & only more to gain. So go out there & show Kimmy what you’re made of!

  • Just continue to play your tennis! I believe in you as usual! Д-А-В-А-Й Sam!

  • MartinDK

    Queen Sam!!
    Really admire your attitude on and of the court! Just amazing !
    You just rock !!

  • Anonymous

    Queen Sam!!
    Really admire your attitude on and of the court! Just amazing !!
    You just rock !!

  • Anonymous

    Queen Sam!!
    Really admire your attitude on and off the court – amazing !!
    You just rock !!

  • Come on Sammy continue your best US Open in singles and beat Kim. I like conclusion you have anything to lose so just go and play your game with strong forehand and serving and never give up until last point. I wish all best in that match for most charming and dearest player on tour in all way, like a tennis competitor and person. You deserve all support you have. Go Sam!!

  • Laura

    can’t wait! :)
    you can do it, sam! <3

  • Yura (Russia)

    GoGoGoGoGoGoGo Sam!!!

  • Julie

    Come on Sam ! You can do it ! Even against Kim, you can play extremely well, you have skills and you can win !! We support you ! Always with you ! =)
    I love you Sam !

    Julie from Belgium

  • joana, Poland

    hi sammy, great match with Dementieva, I love your style of tennis and your smile, good luck in the quarter-finals

  • Mike

    why as watchers do we get so emotional when the person we are routing for loses a point.

  • Paula

    I”m sorry about the loss against Clijsters, but you showed some really good progression. Keep going and remember to enjoy it!

    good luck Sam