A message from Sam

Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for the many messages of support over the last few weeks. It has been great.

Paris has been crazy but more than anything I have been overwhelmed by all the positive support I have received from everyone in Australia, my fans through my website, my sponsors and everyone else who was cheering me on in the stands.

I feel extremely lucky to have such a great team of people around me. In particular I would like to thank my coach Dave, the support team that travels with me from tournament to tournament, the Fed Cup girls who are always encouraging me from the sidelines and Craig Tiley and the team at Tennis Australia.

Finally a big thank you to all my fans who have been amazing over the past few weeks. I really appreciate all the messages and everything you all do for me.

My success is the result of the hard work of many and I hope to be able to keep it going. I am happy with what I have achieved and with any luck I can take it one step further.

Thank you so much,

Sam x

  • Thomas

    Great watching you in Paris , What a tournament for you , Even though the final result was heartbreaking , keep focusing on a brilliant two week performance that you had . All the best for the future and I know you will win a G S soon. Thomas usa

  • Serg

    Congratulations from Canada and good luck for next one, u deserve…


  • bigsamfan

    Hello, Sam. I've been following your career for a couple of years now and I'm truly happy how successful you've become, on and off court. Your run in Paris was amazing and I know that you'll be equally, if not more successful in Eastbourne and Wimby. Women's tennis is a lot exciting because of you. Your talent and power are something to really reckon with. You didn't leave Paris empty handed. You earned thousands of new admirers and fans who love your grace and humility under the circumstances you were in. Keep it going. Best of luck.

  • Quintoman

    hey Sammy,
    believe in it…
    …I do
    keep the spirit.
    and Wimbledon's for you


    Hello Samantha, my name is Rodrigue, I am 30 years old, I am french and I am one very very big fan of you. Excuse me for my small level in English. It's a pity not to have taken away finale, I was in tears at the end of the match and I am sincere because I absolutely wanted to see you winning! I know that it is also hard for you! I was wholeheartedly with you! And by writing you this small word, I still cry for it! I am someone very emotional person! But you offered me a magnificent Roland Garros 2010 because I always followed you with many feelings! You made a magnificent course to arrive in finale! I am certain to see again you next even stronger year! Deeply Roland Garros 2011!!! A small word of your part by Email would make for me a big pleasure. Can you send me a photo dedication by Email it would be really nice! Thank you very much. Here is my Email address: [email protected]. You will be for ever my favourite player! The new number one world, will soon be you! And I wish it to you sincerely from the bottom of the heart! Samantha I like you! I embrace you enormously! Never I shall forget you!

  • GB

    Hello Samantha,
    You' re very great & good to say your thanks to many people that supported you about RG your last work, but I think that on Court you're often alone against your opponent so the best thanks say you to yourself & to God that made you so full of good qualities!
    However thanks for your kind words.
    Bye Samantha with hugs & Kisses

  • Omar

    felicitaciones por tu buena actuacon en este torneo de francia, desde Venezuela te deseamos mucho exitos.

  • Kinza1

    Hi Sam,
    Firstly congratulations for doing extremely well at RG, your time will come. I am sure that there are many many positives that you can take with you from RG 2010 and go the next step further in RG 2011…your name it waiting to be added to that trophy.
    I know grass is a short season, but I wish you all the best at Wimbledon and I hope to see you on finals day lifting that trophy.
    Your game is outstanding at the moment, you are a perfect role model to all those youngsters looking to play tennis…not just on the court, but also off the court.
    I will be rooting for you, keep up with the hard work and you will get results.
    All the best,
    x x x

  • marion

    tu es vraiment géniale Sam ! j'aimerais maintenant te voir jouer en vrai ! ca doit etre trop bien, j'espere un jour te voir jouer en australie !
    bon courage pour cette année qui continue , et bravo pour cette finale l'année prochaine elle sera dans la poche !!!
    gros bisous du sud de la France

  • Gael

    Hi Sam and congratulations for your brilliant tournament.I know that everyone supporting you (including myself) wish you won the french open but as Confucius said: “Our greatest glory in not in never falling, but in rising, everytime we fall”.
    I wish you all the sucess you deserve. May the force be with you.

  • Roni rayment

    i also began to follow you a couple of years ago after watching you practice at indian wells, & i've been talking you up like crazy! now, everyone knows who you are & what kind of talent & fight you have! i hope you're enjoying all of the attention & respect you've earned, cos you're an absolute delight to watch. it's also very entertaining for all of us 40 & 50 yr old wannabe's trying to copy your serve!!! i think of you often in my matches, so thank you for inspiring me & keep up the great play! roni

  • Jo R

    Hi Angelo ;D Not a massive tennis fan tbh but always get behind the aussies (it's my second home :-) ) I have to agree Schiavone did play a good match..lets see what Wimbledon brings shall we :-)
    Take care

  • David

    Hi Sam,
    You've shown all the parents taking there children to sporting events what sport is all about: it isn't about winning. It's about how gracious you are in defeat and how you conduct yourself along the way: a life lesson.

    I was on holiday in Vietnam but was stuck to my hotel room's tv watching your amazing and well deserved progression at RG….haha. I wouldn't have missed it. Too bad in the final (i'm sure you learnt a lot from the match). But if there was someone i had to choose to beat you in a GSlam final it would have been Francesca. The two of you showed pure professionalism, sportsmanship and respect not only for each other as opponents but for also for tennis.

    Everyone downunder is soooo proud of you.

    from sydney, david

  • Maribel

    Hi Sam! My name is Maribel, I am from Puerto Rico and I want to say to you that you are my favorite player, to me you are #1! I wish you all the best always, love ya x!!

  • Joanne Lau

    Thanks Sam for flying the Aussie flag so proudly and well on the pro tennis circuit, especially at Roland Garros. Congratulations on a fab tournament! We here on the Gold Coast are very proud of your runners up victory and will be cheering for you at Wimbeldon in the early morning hours. Even though you've considered it your weakest surface, who knows which way the ball will bounce on the grass – hope it bounces your way and you continue on your fantastic run back from injury. Keep moving those feet and trusting in your skills. Big hugs to you and your team. All the best. Jo

  • Rainbow949698

    Oh Sam, that one step is so close, you can reach out and touch it. It was only bad luck that
    Schiavone was on a very good day. Your first turn is just a matter of time. We'll be watching when you get there. And there will be so many more to follow. Good stuff Sam. Very…. good….. stuff…

  • ruzin

    Dear Sam
    If you are on one side af the net it is always worth looking at the match both if you win or lose. It´s never boring to look at you playing. Thank you for that. Ruzin