Sam Stosur

US Open 2010 – rounds 1 & 2

Sam Stosur kicked off the opening round in white, getting past eager opponent Elena Vesnina in three sets. Day 3 saw a more confident Sam trade in her white ensemble for a purple version and a three-set match for a tidy two-set affair as she moved into the third round for the first time in New York.

  • LindaChiang

    Wow !! There are so many hot sammy in front of me ! XD

  • Sam_USA

    Great pics, Sam. I thought white was your color but the purple is awesome!!! It takes the right coloring to carry off purple and yours, like everything else about you, is just perfect. I'll bet no one else will copy that! The outfit really fits you well too>-):))).
    Take care Baby Girl. Love always.

  • Rena_Egypt

    Great pics Sam/I really like the new purple outfit more than the white one.It looks great on u.

  • Mario_cro

    Nice photos and nice Sam.

  • Jim

    Great pics Sam! I agree with Sam and Rena: you look great in white, but even better in purple. But like Linda says, with so many hot Sammies on one page, I hardly care what colour your dress is :-)

  • It's about time Lacoste made something custom made for you!! You are a top 10 player and they sure could give you something extra (not the same dress as your opponent). Roger Federer is a good example here

  • Daniel

    Excelentes fotos de Una Excelente tenista

  • Nice to see you win a Grand Slam – the US open. I wish you the very best in health and mental strength to win many more. I really look forward to see you win more grand slams. You are such a good example for aspiring tennis playing youngsters. ¬†God bless you.