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Sam’s week in Rome

It was a great week in Rome, I made the final against Maria and played some good matches.

  • Anonymous

     Hi Sam , fantastic photos ! I always appreciate the series of high quality pictures on main website , you gave it everything this week , cute smile , big forehand , and phenomenal courage on court , I don’t care what some people said , I have to say that you’re pretty and more nature than Masha :D .

  • Dtoccaceli

     mitica stosur! 

  • Jim

    Lookin’ good Sam, strong AND beautiful! 

  • “Strong is beautiful”. Great! :D
    You sure are both. :-)

    I wish you the best for Roland and hope to see you in final.
    Play free and you’ll go far.
    It’s always a joy watching your matches.

  • Angela

    I like these photos very much! great to see you at Foro Italico Sam!!! hope to see you again!  

  • Rena_Egypt

    Nice pics Sam! :) Hope we get to see your pics while holding Roland Garros’s trophy! 

  • ziyad

    Hi sam i’m ziyad from Iraq you are a good player and i like your playing and i wish to see you win in every match so go on ……………………bay and thanks

  • Traan2002

    Samantha is a fantastic athlete able to achieve any results. Zvonareva looked confident after beating S. Williams but was thouroughly outplayed by Samantha who has consistently beaten her in the past months. come on, Samantha you can make it!

  • Annette

    Love the “strong is beautiful t-shirt” Samantha is wearing.  Anyone know who makes it or where to get one?

  • ‘Strong is beautiful’ is a WTA campaign. Here’s a link to their website: http://www.wtatennis.com




  • Nancy K.

    YOU are a  great  tennis  champion, Sam, KEEP  on  doing  what  you’re DOING !!

  • RedhatNan

    Sooo do  it !!  

  • Pietrantonio 5

    Ciao Sammy.

     Bellissima ragazza, spero che c’e la fai quest’anno all’apertura di Australia a Melbourne. Forza Sam