Sam stuns Justine at Roland Garros

Take a look at some of the best shots from Sam’s fantastic three-set win over Justine Henin.

  • Kathy W

    Fantastic WIN !!! I know you can win the French Open !!! Go for it girl !

  • Drine

    Awesome pics !!! ;)
    I still can’t believe you beat Justine yesterday, what a great result !!! Good luck for next round against Serena ;)

    Go Sam !!!

  • Ray Skedgel

    I saw you for the first time today and thought you were quite amazing,and i think you are quite capable of winning this title,and many more after that.

  • Lorenzo

    Fantastic match Sam, you really jerked Justine around like a rag doll with those big kick serves and whippy forehands. I really think you can take Serena down too if you stay toe to toe with her, dont treat her with respect just take her down like anyone else. Her form isnt as good as aussie open, so just take it….. good luck:)

  • Claudio

    Samantha is just great and is going to win many tournaments.

  • Derek

    Excellent, Awesome, keep up the good work and never give up, you're only getting better and better, well Done. You can beat Miss Williams…

  • CT

    You can overwhlem Serena Williams

  • Jan Rutten, Holland

    And you’re in the final now. Congratulations! Beat Serena in 3 sets, wow!

  • Jan Rutten, Holland

    Congratulations for beating Serena in 3 sets. The surprises are getting smaller. You’re my favorite now!

  • Mohammed

    I love you.

  • Grzegorz Stadnicki

    I love You

  • Earl

    Thank you

  • Pam Anderson

    Congratulations Sam we always knew you could do it and boy were we pleased it was Serena you beat.
    Enjoy your success it's obvious you work really hard.

  • Earl

    Thank you, you are a hero in my home town

  • Liv's

    Uau! She is too beautiful!

  • Sergei Saviniv

    Саманта скоро станет сильнейшей на планете в женском теннисе. Девушка очень красива, сексуальная и сильная. У нее большое будущее. Я из россии.

  • Steven Cortens

    i love sam!
    a new fan from belgium!