It’s here!

My US Open trophy has arrived, take a look!

  • Jim

    Wow Sam, how cool is that? I hope you have a big trophy case, because before long you’re going to have some more big hardware to go with this one!

  • Rena_Egypt

    It looks amazing! and well deserved of course!

  • Tenniscrazy

    :) Amazing 

  • Chinchilla93

    Samantha Jane,
    You are a tough Aussie when you want to be that is what we are expecting from you in Melbourne Park for the Second week!  Same thing applys for Singapore in less then 2 weeks and Sydney and Brisbane I want you to get the titles .  I am so proud of you!! you hung tough  during your illness in 07  luckily you were here during it and Rennae was able to help you out.  I have to give you credit for hanging in there in 07 and I am glad you put your US Open Repclia on your Sydney mantlepiece!!!!!!! see you in Melbourne!!!!
    you can get this my Sydney girl!!!!

  • Chinchilla93

    Samantha Jane,
    you are a very tough Sydney girl !!! go for broke in Melbourne I want you to get the second week!  we know you are capible of getting the Melbourne park title for Australia you did just that in NY this past September. and got a Major title so I am glad you have your US title repcila on your Sydney mantle piece. See you in January we know you can go for broke in Singapore the week after this one same thing goes for Brisbane and Sydney! you have had a rough start to 2011 but you ended it in Turkey in the Semis.  don’t lose your compusure in Melbourne i know you can do it for us !!  you had a rough 2007 and 2008 by being out of tennis for more then 8 months with your illness  I give you full credit for playing in NY that year . luckly you had Rennae to help you out . Can’t wait to meet you in Melbourne!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Sam, Glad to see that you finally received that US open winners trophy. It looks good on you:):):). You wear it well. Wanda

  • Arnaldo

    Congrats !!!
    Well deserved ! Now I always wonder, how does that works ?
    Do they send the trophy by mail or do you fly back home with it ?

  • Big Jon Creature

    Watched that match start to finish and was on the edge of my seat the entire time….couldn’t be happier for you and your first, and not the last, Grand Slam title