My new Lacoste outfit

Hi, here’s a pic of me in my US Open 2010 Lacoste outfit just before practice. Let me know what you think! Also, Oakley are running a Sammy Mania comp where you can win some sunglasses. Here’s the link: Sammy Mania comp

  • Patrick

    Samantha, the outfit looks great, you look great in all of your outfits! You are definitely the most physically fit player in the WTA! Great comeback against Dementieva, you will win a major soon! Looking forward to come watching you play at the US Open next year! Patrick USA

  • Heikki Tyynysniemi

    It must be the best looking womens tennis-outfit ever made. Simple, sporty, stylish, very good looking and the violet was a match colour for you! Heikki from Finland

  • Holly

    You have the ability, talent, physical ability to win the tournaments you enter. I don't see variety in your strokes. You could be going to the net. You could be training to gain more flexibility across the board, body and shots…. It Is too bad. Forget the outfit and sunglasses and making the package perfect…. play tennis and you will win if that is important to you. I enjoy watching you. I see so much potential.

  • Caraarmelle

    you look amazing as always !!! and Lacoste fits u well MERCI LES FRANCAIS !

  • MaC

    you look sensational.. as always!

  • Veronika Baptist

    this outfit is better than the new one!

  • Palesek

    You were amazing today at the finals of the US Open.  I was wondering what your fitness routine is?  I want your amazing arms and body.  You are an inspiration to me.

  • MaryW

    The dress you wore in the US Open 2011 was a winner like you!

  • SethTidwell

    Hey Samantha, I caught your victory last week on TV and just happened to hear the announcers talking about your time off due to suffering from Lyme. I’m a 24 year old guy from Nashville who has been suffering with tremoundeous fatigue from lyme disease for about two years and have yet to find anything besides anti-biotics that helped me at all. Obviously you have bounced fully back and are extremely healthy. I was just wondering if you had any vitamins, workouts, alternative medicine suggestions you could throw my way. I have been dealing with Lyme for so long now that it has truly become a cripple to my life and would love to get back to the normal, healthy, active guy I was a few years ago. Any information you could share would be fantastic! My email is [email protected] … Thanks! And Congrats on the big win!!

  • Briiansimpson

    Hi Sam, my family n I would like 2 say. Well done this yr, keep up the good work. Have a gr8 christmas n all go at the Australia Open. Go Sam. Briian Simpson