Sam’s Miami blog Part VII

Hi everyone,

Did any of you see the women’s final today? I only saw a few games and was busy during the rest of it. It was over quite quickly though. Going with my track record of losing to the winner of the tournament I had a hunch Kim might win.

Last year I think Stubbsy and I lost to the winners eight times and I lost to the singles winner seven times. This year it’s already happened three out of the four tournaments I’ve played and twice in doubles! I must play my opponents into good form!   

The men’s final tomorrow should be a good match. Both are in great form and had quality wins this week so I’m looking forward to watching it before we play our final.

Before I say bye for the final time I have to ask you all to vote in the Heart Award on and vote for me! Go to the website and check it out if you haven’t already.

Thanks for reading the last two weeks, I’ve enjoyed keeping you up to date.

Wish Nadia and me luck for tomorrow and I’ll see you somewhere soon.


Do you prefer singles or doubles? Lynn
I enjoy both. I practice and train to be a singles player but doubles can help my game too so when it works out to play both I do. I’ve had more success in doubles so far which is great but would like to have that success in singles.  

Do you ever get to catch any concerts on the road? Lene, Barbados
No, not really. I did see a couple last year when I was in Tampa. I saw Missy Higgins one night and two days later saw Elton John and Billy Joel.  Missy was cool and Elton and Billy were at a much bigger place and were awesome. I also saw Green Day in Sydney in December and they were awesome too.   

Do you watch any reality TV shows? Kenneth
Not really. It’s hard to follow a series because I’m never in one place long enough. I do download shows from iTunes though. My favourites are Brothers and Sisters and Greys Anatomy. I watch a few others but they are my favourites.

  • mcb

    Singles women final was pants! Make sure next time you are there to make it more amusing :p
    Runner up Miami and IW with Nadia…not a bad warm up for the clay season! Well done!

  • PC

    Congratulations Sam! on your big Win today. It was exciting to watch.

  • Peter

    Hi Sam, Well done on your well deserved victory. My daughter who is six years old loves tennis. She always get excited when your name is mentioned on tv or there are pictures of you in the newpaper.

    Keep fit and good luck for the French Open. Go you good thing!

  • michiandste

    Hi Sam! We are Stefano and Michi, we have just finished eating a pizza with Sim in legnano Italy. We were waiting you too, expecially for the pizza night in michi's house!!! Good luck for your next tournament! Hope to see you soon!!!
    Michi and ste

  • oscarjtienda

    Hi Sam: I'm your mexican fan, and I see the final game vs Henin, and for me you are the winner, because you are the best, I hope waiting to see in the number 1, bye

  • Central Coast

    Sam, you have delivered to Australians and many others around the world what can be achieved with hard work. Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi

  • sidou

    Hi Sam
    I'm from the country of Algeria is the biggest fan of you. You are really wonderful

    I wish you victory in France's Championship

  • Jo

    Great match today! I was really impressed and thought it was a well deserved victory. I think you will be very succesful in the future. Good luck in the quarter finals I am cheering for you!

  • Glenn Hampson

    See what playing as a kid against a left hand puddler can do for you??? Well done Sam, Surfers Meadows lives on in you!!

  • annie mac

    sam, you little beauty! way to go girl. look forward to you downing Serena and going all the way , love you lots , Annie mac in melbourne

  • annie mac

    Love watching you play Sam, go all the way girl!

  • jojo

    hi sam .im one of ppl i like your playing tennis…wish you all the best keep going…you sexy girl if even you play hard lol.with best jojo

  • damian de costa

    hey sam watching the williams game at the mo and your in the 2nd set great work at the moment and i must say looking and reading up on your ur a great example to young kids, a normal down to earth person no celeb ties or lads mags pics etc a real pro and just there for the game good work
    damian from the uk

  • tam

    Well done Sam!!!
    Had to follow the match by checking the live scores!
    How I wish we could have it on T.V
    I guess you hit a few good serves, the scores updated quickly.
    You will go all the way.
    Cheers from Exmouth, W.A

  • Oscar Tienda

    You are the best, for mr your are the winner, and see you pick up the trophy for winner in Paris,

  • Oscar Tienda

    for me you are the best y most beatiful tennis player of the world

  • Luis Gonzalez

    Hi Sam,
    You probably don't remember me but I am the kid that asked you to write “Lots of love” on my hat with your signature to make my dad jealous. Remember at the Medibank Open last December! I am only 9, but I want to be a pro one day. I am very proud of you and especially of the “ticker” you have shown in beating Justine and Serena. Hoefully I can actch you at the next Medibank Open and you will write “2010 French Open Champion” on my hat.
    Luis Gonzalez Sydney

  • Michel Vanderborght

    Hi Samantha,
    Don't forget that you are the best (trust in your capacities)
    You'll be soon the NUMBER 1
    Michel from Belgium

  • Bram Linders

    Sam, You were playing amazing between Willams. I was really impressed by your well played backhand slice en your manage change. Your serve was full top spin and you can see willams got real trouble to get her return in the back of the field. My complements, you're a excellent player!

  • Giacomo

    Sam , please do not destroy Francesca, first italian woman ever in a Grand Slam final..this time we must win! time!! Giacomo from Italy

  • Luigi Chiazo

    Congratulations Samantha, great final in the french open!
    Watch the interview of Samantha on the raod to Roland Garros

  • Margarita Murphy

    Congratulations Sam!!!! You are amazing. The French Open is yours. In France but unable to get to final, I will be cheering you on from Normandie. Go Sam go! ….. Rita M

  • Brenton Minshall

    Love watching you Sam. Best attitude on the court… atleast when you are winning! keep it up. would love to have a chat with you sometime about how you went about building yourself into a better competitor after you were sick.
    Good luck on Saturday!

  • Ning

    Go,Sam,you can win the French Open in final.
    Good Luck and God bless you!!

    Ning from Taiwan

  • MIKE

    Hi Sam, just know about you since two days ago when I've seen the french open !
    You _are QUEEN OF TENNIS !!! I like to see you playin – It is amazing

    go ahead and win the big final !


  • BenAsm

    Congratulations Sam!
    Win the French Open in Final..We believe in you, so just think that we are with you..I'm sure that you will be the Number One .

    We love you Sam!!

  • Sally

    Hi Sam,
    You going to WIN on Saturday. No doubt. You desesrve it! We always knew you were a special player.
    We used to hit alongside you on a Fri arvo, on the Pacific Pines Courts. You used to give your big brother a run around and you were half his size!
    Love your support of the Animal Welfare League QLD too. We are also members and our two bubs (cats) are from there.
    GOOD ON YOU. We all think you’re great and wish you all the best for the final.
    Best Wishes,
    Sally (Phoenix St, Pac Pines)..Been here 16 years

  • India Warren

    Hi Sam, We are so proud of you.One more to go. You deserve it. You look fantastic out there!! Gold Coast Girls are the best.

  • Ahmee

    Hello Sam,

    I've always watch your games and knew you will make it one day with perseverance and without doubt your skills. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

  • Fiona

    Hi Sam, congratulations on reaching the finals, your fitness is incrediable, you have done Australia proud. Give it your best & Good Luck

  • Steve Keillor

    What a gem. You are a credit to yourself and Australia. Your persistance, athletic ability and tennis prowess have given you the drive to go even further. You'll be there on the winners podium. Well done Samantha.

  • Al Poh from Malaysia

    Hi Stosur,

    I took notice of you when your ranking rise to be among the top 20s last year. I am your fan already especially after you beat favourites Justine, then Serena and now Jelena. Well done. Looking forward to seeing you lifting the Roland Garros trophy on Saturday. All the very best.

  • susan

    Reaching the finals is awesome with hardwork and perseverance.
    Now it's your turn to lift the French Open 2010 Winners' trophy!!!
    Good luck and congratulations on Saturday.
    All the best,

  • Rick heede

    Sam: I have anticipated your rise and rooted for your success. It's now 2-2 in the 3rd set against Serena. Good luck, girl. Cheers, -Rick–

  • Julie Murphy

    Hey Samantha – We are all so proud of you. We will be watching from HK …. its always harder when you are away from home – so take heart … we send you a great big piece of Oz to take with you out onto centre court …. keep it close to your heart and know that every Aussie sports fan is behind you today – Julie

  • PC

    You go girl!! It's so refreshing to see a woman like you who is intelligent, thoughtful, articulate – as well as being an elite athlete. What a role model, what a woman. Best of luck for tomight – but win or lose, you are very special. PC

  • R

    Well Done Samantha!

    Thanks for showing the world that friendly, honourable, ladylike, stoic, intelligent but humble sportswomen are winners EVERY time.

    What a relief to finally get to watch real talent- thank you.

    Enjoy the French Open Final. You deserve it.

  • Chris

    Hi Sam, slamming Sam to win the French Open 2010. Great poster of you in the Gold Coast Bulletin today, great support from all your fans on the Gold Coast and everywhere. I still have the photo you signed for me several years ago, thanks to your lovely mum Di, a workmate of mine for five years, that photo is now priceless and treasured. I have never met you but feel I know you very well, will be watching the final on Channel 9 and you can beat Schiavone, you've already beaten the worlds best, now it's your turn for triumph. Go Sam, we all love you. –Chris and Jan–

  • Wow Sam! Queen of Clay? I've heard about that about you before. So proud and happy that your hard work is finally coming to fruition. Good rest, good healthy food, full body massage, psyche up! Do it!

  • nabel

    im love you sam stosur I wish you good luck

  • robert

    hi sam,
    while I am writing now you are playing the RG final. Whatever you do(winn or loose you are a inspiration for every tennisplayer(pro or for fun players) because I know what you’ve been trough! we’ll done already! first 2 service games you lost 0(zero) points!

    bye robert, from the netherlands

  • Nina

    Sam, you are awesome! Go Queenslander! The whole of Australia is behind you.

  • jess

    Hi Sam!!!!
    Im watching you v Schiavone right now at home (QLD)… its 4-3 to you first set!!
    GOOD LUCK!!!!

  • Glenys Chatman

    Hey Sam you are amazing. Have watched you grow as a player over the past few years. You will go on from here. Your first grand final in any sport at an elite level goes so quickly. After the game you realise what you should have done and could have done back in the 10th minute, 20th minute, 2nd set etc. That’s all good. You will continue to be a wonderful role model for so many young Australian women. Am sooo looking forward to watching you play over the next year or 2 because I know you will continue to kick some serious butt and will win a grand slam or 2 or 3.

  • Anonymous

    Sam, you’re unbelievable. You are a winner just for beating Henin, S. Williams, and Jankovic.Francesca played so well, and if I could I’d given you both the Roland Garros trophy.Please continue to be a great person and an amazing tennis-athlete player that you are.I’ve never been so excited to watch such a great tennis player like you to compete at Grand Slams tournaments.Hope to see you play at Wimbledon.As always, all best.Stay fit, and be the best you can be.Turn that frown upside down. You have A LOT to smile for. ;)
    I know it’s no consolation, but my heart goes out to you.
    You were amazing at RG!
    Ciao, kiddo.

  • Pizzusiccu

    hello sam , I discovery you player profile and your person only fron few days , this is for me is a nice surprise .

    One new fan

  • Johanna

    Hi Sam….I like your tennis….today at the final you look sad…you shut not be because you play very good….it is gonna be next time…..Celebrated the opportunity to be at the final. Kisses

  • just4tennis

    Was not meant to be, 4 today! – Congratulations for beeing in your first single GS, Sam!
    I was not expecting Schiavone to serve that hard, did you? I thought, that the italian mentality could come through and bring her into emotions at the end of the first set. – But, this did not happen!
    She went right from the beginning on for your forehand in special way, wow. Please, allow me to say, that she was *fgood aware and prepared how to beat you. And she made you even playing ” backhand slice” when you were in defence! – It’s so easy to say or analyze without standing on court. You gonna hate me for this. – Please, forgive me!

    I want you to know, that I expect you to see soon in many upcoming GS’s. And as we do know, it will be up to you against Schiavone (Stuttgart/Henin – Madrid/Williams) for the next time, right! You worked so hard and you are so close to make it. – You’re the upcoming Nr. 1!

    You make me so happy/give us so much pleasure, cause you show us a tennis from extra Class that I have not seen since so many years! I’m gifted to live in your times. Please, keep on going and do it! You have all my respect and support! Just stay healthy – that’s most important! Greetings from Zurich.

  • just4tennis

    If we in Zurich would have – after all financial crises the biggest ($) women’s indoor tennis tournament in Europe again – would you show up to make us happy?

  • Eduardo Sierra (COL)

    Congratulations, the French Open final was a great match.