Sam’s Miami blog Part VII

Hi everyone,

Did any of you see the women’s final today? I only saw a few games and was busy during the rest of it. It was over quite quickly though. Going with my track record of losing to the winner of the tournament I had a hunch Kim might win.

Last year I think Stubbsy and I lost to the winners eight times and I lost to the singles winner seven times. This year it’s already happened three out of the four tournaments I’ve played and twice in doubles! I must play my opponents into good form!   

The men’s final tomorrow should be a good match. Both are in great form and had quality wins this week so I’m looking forward to watching it before we play our final.

Before I say bye for the final time I have to ask you all to vote in the Heart Award on and vote for me! Go to the website and check it out if you haven’t already.

Thanks for reading the last two weeks, I’ve enjoyed keeping you up to date.

Wish Nadia and me luck for tomorrow and I’ll see you somewhere soon.


Do you prefer singles or doubles? Lynn
I enjoy both. I practice and train to be a singles player but doubles can help my game too so when it works out to play both I do. I’ve had more success in doubles so far which is great but would like to have that success in singles.  

Do you ever get to catch any concerts on the road? Lene, Barbados
No, not really. I did see a couple last year when I was in Tampa. I saw Missy Higgins one night and two days later saw Elton John and Billy Joel.  Missy was cool and Elton and Billy were at a much bigger place and were awesome. I also saw Green Day in Sydney in December and they were awesome too.   

Do you watch any reality TV shows? Kenneth
Not really. It’s hard to follow a series because I’m never in one place long enough. I do download shows from iTunes though. My favourites are Brothers and Sisters and Greys Anatomy. I watch a few others but they are my favourites.

  • Craig Brow

    Hey sam, just wanted to congratulate you on a magnificent French open. You played some unbelievable tennis on route to the final and i cant wait to see you win your first grand slam! All the best for wimbeldon, i look foward to supporting you throughout! I personally love your laid back attitude and strive for success. Your a real credit to the women’s game and to tennis in general. Keep the good work up!

  • Michael

    I just wanted to tell you that that was a great French Open. You have a new fan.

  • Maddi

    sam everybody has off days like me for an example i just got the news that i wont be playing in the brisbane nationals because i've done my shoulder. you just have to get back on court and use this as motivation. you made everyone in australia proud and don't listen to people who say otherwise you rock sam keep up the awesome work.


    come visit Box Hill tennis school in Melbourne if you can because we would love to see you and me and my friends are just 4 people that know about me writing this. if you can not don't worry about it.


  • chrissy mentiplay

    Hi Sam You did all australians proud last night. I have followed you since you started playing, Good luck in the comming weeks Chrissy

  • Charlotte P

    hey Sam
    Fantastic effort in the French Open Final!! You played soooo well, just amazing. Your an awesome tennis player and to beat tennis players that have been number 1 in the World, that is just amazing and you can't describe it with words:) well done again and your're a real insperation to me. I'm a tennis player and I would love to play just like you when I'm older:) YOUR'RE AWESOME SAM!:D

  • Dr Fong Ho Kheong

    This is only Sam's beginning. You will see her more in the semis and finals from now onwards.
    Work harder and be consistent. I am a University Math Professor and I used to analyse when I see
    problems. Probably Sam is too tense to analyse correctly and to response to her weakness. I noticed her downfall was placing the return ball to a position where the opponent can attack. It is better to take risk and place the ball
    at a position that she cant attack. After all if you place the ball in front of her and she can attack. pardon me if I am wrong. Her opponent had to work very hard and went all out to win as she knows that she will not have another chance and she has not shown any ability to beat world number ones once let alone back to back like Sam. Any way I still need to congratulate you to be at the finals.

  • Ivonne

    You are by far the best!
    Next year you will be Roland Garros's queen =)

  • Christpher Martin

    Awesome efffort at Rolad Garros, Kiddo…. you are a “classs act”. Crappy outcome on saturday but Wimbledom awaits.

  • sandra qld

    congratulations well done what a tough sport

  • Elizabeth

    How long do you practice in a day? I only practice about an hour or so.

  • don caskey

    Sam Stosur had a very big programme in playing Justine Henin, Serena Williams,and Yelena Yankovic and Schiavone had a chance to rest winning the semi final in one set,so Schiavone was fresher on the day. Stosur did look tired in comparison

  • mario

    I'm italian and this year , at roland garros , I'm falling in love with you.
    You are very beutiful.
    I think that this year in the final match you were tired.But don't give up to fight and you'll reach the top.

  • Solenn

    Hi Sam
    CONGRATULATIONS for your permformance in Roland garros!! we all know you're the best, you may just have to get a bit better on your focus & how you cop with the pressure cause I'm sure you should hava won this final…I hope you're proude of you & you believe in you being a real champion!
    see you soon & good luck with your hard work,
    we love you
    Your FRENCH supporters

  • nt

    Dear Sami, I have seen you by the French Open first time and I know, that you are my dream women. Wau! Best greetings from Austria,n

  • lenn

    Hey Sam, you did a good job in Paris, congrat with your final… Next time it's yours! You are in the winning mood, so be carefull everybody! Good luck in London… Greetz Lenn

  • Kalim0077

    Hai Sam,
    How are you? I am glad Last week see your match. You are my favourite Woman Tennis player. CONGRATULATIONS for your permformance in Roland garros!! I'm falling in your game. Next year you will be Roland Garros's queen. see you soon & good luck with your hard work,

    Your INDIAN supporter

  • Oksana

    Hi,Samanta!Wish you good luck!You are best!

  • Vaughan Gill

    Hi Sam
    I have followed you for years and boy am I impressed with you. Having watched the grass court semi last night I can't help feeling that you seemed to intense or tense. I understand how it must feel to be ranked so high and the expectations placed on you because of the ranking, but I also feel you need to loosen up and relax more. Unforced errors ? When going for a sure point slow down a bit.
    What a fantastic player you are. Good luck at Wimbledon !

  • Richard

    Concerning the French…it looked like Francessa played like she had nothing to lose. You could work on your backhand down the line and be more agressive coming to net against players like Schivaroni. I think you can win on any surface, especially grass. Good luck at Wimbledon…I really admire your dedication shown throught your fitness.

  • Mandy

    Hi Sam,
    both yourself, and Justine Henin, have a beautiful style of tennis to watch, you both have brought me back to watch womens tennis. My 80 year Mum keeps very close tabs on your progress in tournaments, one of your greatest fans I think.
    Keep up your great work and 'go for the jugular' at Wimbledon.
    Mandy from a chilly Sydney!

  • edje

    hello on wimbledon smash youself to victory.
    i watched every match you played on RG you are the best.

    greetings Ed

  • vince60

    Hi, I'm a french guy and I don't know who you were before this year because I didn't follow tennis news. By random, I saw a match of you and all I have to say is that you are really beautiful and your smile is so pretty.

    Moreover, you play very well and I was so disappointed after your RG finals because I thought you could have won but that's the game.

    I wish you good luck and hope you'll win a lot of trophies.

    ps : sorry for my poor english.

  • bee_still

    Hi Sam. The last time i watched women's tennis was still during stefi graf's time. I found myself not interested anymore after she retired. I just chanced upon watching you at Roland Garros and you just made me want to watch tennis again. Good luck on your doubles with Nadia. We love you.

  • claire follett

    i am claire follett from wentworth primary school and jesse and i would love two signed picture please, good luck