Sam’s Miami Blog Part IV

Hi everyone,

Today was a great day. I won both my matches. My singles match was a long one again against Virginie Razzano. I eventually won 6-1 in the third set.

It was very humid today so probably took a little more out of both of us then usual. After a quick rest I was back out on the court with Nadia for our doubles match. We won 6-0 7-5. I didn’t go out for dinner tonight, I’m a little tired and too lazy to go back out again so I ordered room service. I’m waiting for it to come to now so hopefully it’s good and doesn’t disappoint otherwise I’m going to have to finish the packet of pita chips I have (haha).

I’m 5th match on tomorrow so I’m happy I can have a bit of a sleep-in and go out to the courts early in the afternoon.  

Here’s a few more answers to all your questions:

Will you be playing with Nadia for the rest of the year? Noah, USA
We are seeing how it goes and just deciding where we will along the way. So far it has gone well and we are enjoying it so I think we will.
What is your favorite book? Irah
I don’t really read that many books but one of my favourites is an autobiography by Greg Welch called Heart of a Champion. I read it on a flight from LA to Tampa and loved it. 

Do you follow Aussie Rules Football? Wayne, Australia
Sort of but it’s hard for me to get really into it when I’m away for most of the season but I follow the Saints. If I get back to Australia during the season this year I’ll hopefully be able to make it to a game. 
What is your favorite specialty coffee beverage? Wanda, Canada
I just like a plain latte. Have to have one every morning with breakfast. Sometimes mix it up and get an iced latte.  

Do you like going to the beach? Sasko, Macedonia
I love going to the beach. Last year I went snorkeling for the first time in Bali, photos are here on my website. I did all my pre season at Coogee beach which involved lots of swimming and on my days off snorkeling at Clovelly and Gordon’s Bay. These are a couple of my favourite places in the world. I grew up on the Gold Coast in Queensland so I was spoilt with great beaches.

Do you collect any souvenirs from tournaments? Aaron, Canada
Not really but if they have a cool towel or something like that, one usually ends up in my bag. My house in Tampa has quite a variety of towels.

What is/was your favorite cartoon? Ben, Australia
I liked all the Bugs Bunny cartoons and The Flintstones/ Jetsons hour. Now I don’t mind watching The Simpsons and Family Guy on occasions.

Which tennis legend would you have loved to play doubles with? Sandrine
Monica Seles or Steffi Graf 

Well it’s time for me to sign off now, I’m buggered and I’m going to relax and watch a bit of TV now. Life, the documentary is on, I love watching anything involving animals.

Wish me luck for tomorrow.


  • BennyG

    Congrats on making it to the fourth round Sam :) Nice to see you win when the matches get more difficult. Keep it going against Jankovic. All of us fans from around the world are right behind you!

  • Sunsets

    Good luck! Good job yesterday as well…woke up at 3 to follow your doubles match with Nadia. Loved the first set but stressful second set. I'm happy you came through, as always.

    And I'm sure my buddy Drine is happy that you answered one of her questions. Goodness how many questions she sent by now ;).

  • Drine

    What a perfect day it was, you won both matches in singles and doubles !!! It was much more complicated against Virginie, you really had to be strong mentally and physically so….well done Sam !!!
    Hey….one of my questions have been finally chosen !!! :))
    Good luck for your next match Sammy !!!

  • Sami

    Great wins today. Coming back in the 2nd and 3rd sets in your singles was really well done. A question for you..
    What do you always have to take with you on tour? apart from your racket and tennis gear. :)
    goodluck tomorrow

  • mattie17

    well played sam!! great results in both :-) hopefully the rain will stop and you'll get on court today, looking forward to the rematch!! :-)

  • Sunsets

    Happy birthday, Sammy! Well it's already your birthday on this side of the world anyway =P. You just won against JJ and gave the fans a lot of heart attacks during the TB. We're all glad you won! We love you Sammy and I hope you enjoy your birthday. 26 and playing the best tennis of your life ;).


  • sjefhoefsmit

    Congratulations. I haven't seen the match but I have followed the scores. Great win over Jelena!

  • sjefhoefsmit

    Congratulations! This time you have beaten Jelena in a great match!

  • tommy


  • Melanie

    Hey Sammie,
    Great job beating Jankovic today! We were keenly interested as we were the crazy girls courtside yesterday (sunday) at both your singles and doubles match. You look as if you are at the top of your game. At any rate, you met my flatmate, Fiona, after your doubles win…. you two share the same birhtday!! We'd love to see you again, we are definitely cheering for you here in So FLA. Happy Birthday and Lots of Luck, Melanie and Fiona.

  • Melanie

    Hey Sam,
    Melanie and Fiona here again. We just cruised one of your videos on You Tube from the Indian Wells Tourny and it seems you occassionally suffer a “dead arm”. Just a little info,,, Fiona is a fantastic, Aussie trained McKenzie Physio and your symptoms likely arise from your neck…. Shoulder problems don't deliver “dead arms”…. if you need any assistance in the Miami Area, happy to lend a hand. Give a call at 954 776-8830. Ask for Fiona Bell. We are enjoying watching your success. Best of Luck next match, mel and Fiona.

  • maite

    you are playing awesome!!! Now you are on QF against Kim… GOOD LUCK!!

    and of course HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
    Hope you enjoy your day!


  • TimmyB

    Good luck against Kim. You are an Aussie inspiration.

  • gayledurham

    Did not notice you til I saw you hitting on the practice court last week at sony ericsson. Pow, you hit hard, the ball made such a loud pop. I thought, wow I have to check out this girl. So I watched the Jankovic game. Congradulations on the win. Now I am a fan. Cant' wait to see you play Clijsters.

    Question: There are rumors the Jr. Orange Bowl will turn clay. Do you feel children and teens should play on hard or clay courts? Are there advantages?

  • lisa

    loved the way sam plays, power and shot selection.

  • lisa

    have been watching for a while good at net due to doubles.

  • youness kabiri

    i love saw match