Sam’s AO2010 blog part V

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was a great day. It’s a great feeling to be in the fourth round here for the second time and the third time in any Grand Slam.

The match was pretty tight at the start and after going down a break early in the first set I realised I needed to be a little more aggressive and take my opportunities when they presented themselves.

Once I won the first set I really started to feel comfortable and was able to finish the match with some very good serving and play.

After the match I was able to catch up briefly with an old friend Nick Riewoldt. I’m sure all of you who follow the AFL know who I’m talking about.

We went to the serving speed gun in the garden at Melbourne Park and tried to beat each other’s speed. I’m not sure who actually got the fastest but seeing as I’m writing this I’m going to say it was me ;)

We went to Robina primary school together many years ago, so it’s great to still keep in touch with someone who you met in grade 3 or 4.

Tomorrow I’m practising with a young junior player named Blake. We practiced in Sydney together and he was good, so Dave (my coach) organised for him to come and hit again.

I’m sure they will both give me a great workout going into my match against Serena.

Until next time, keep enjoying the tennis,


  • Drine

    Wow, lucky Blake, he must be thrilled !!! I would…. ;)
    It's always nice to have some fun between matches, to relax and everything.
    I'm sure you're gonna get a good preparation, you'll need to be in very good shape against Serena, gonna be a very tight match. I'll be there supporting you, as always ;)
    Good luck Sam !!!

  • Atich

    No doubt you served fastest than him :) !
    Good luck against Serena !

  • Sten

    Good luck against Serena tomorrow! You can beat her! You did it in the last year,and You're sure to do it again. Just believe in yourself and play in Your game.Sam,You have everithing for success in the coming match vs.Serena.
    And the most important:You have a real fighting spirit.Don't forget of this in the crucial moments.

    C'MON SAM!!! SMASH'EM!!!

  • Christine

    Well done on your win! I love reading your blog, it's so interesting!
    Good luck against Serena, you rock!!

  • Sten

    Good luck against Serena!!!

  • Evelien

    Good luck against Serena!

    Best wishes from Holland. :-)

  • Hannah

    WOOHOO SAM!!!! I know you're gonna beat Serena, I feel it in my bones! And hey, why not go all the way to the final!? And why not win the whole thing?!


  • Simi

    Hi Sam, I want to wish you GOOD LUCK for your match today against Serena. Believe in yourself and try not to worry if you fall behind her. You´ve got some great weapons, just be aware of that.
    YOU CAN DO IT!!! I´ll stick by you whatever may happen… :o)

  • Laura

    Sam, you're able to win that match ! we believe in you !

  • Richard Doczy

    Don't trust anyone's bones about whether you will in or lose. that's my humble advice. Thanks for being such a fine player as well as good looking woman.

  • Margot

    Sam, we would have loved to watch and cher you on, but shame on Channel 7, obvioulsy the news and today tonight were more important. We are personally disgusted and can only apologise on behalf of all those of us who are disgusted at their decision not to support our Top ranked female tennis player.

  • Meagan

    well done sam your getting closer to top10 yeahhh:)

  • Salamanda

    Wow!!! I'm not sure I've ever seen Serena play like that! That was impressive!!! Still Sam, I thought you played a good match – serve was working pretty well and 100% of net points won – I guess the trouble is getting in off Serena's shots!!! Head up for the rest of the year – I'm sure its gonna be a good one! :)

  • disappointed100

    Sorry we didn't get to see your match. But Home and Away was great…. NOT

  • James

    Good show, Sam, good show. Sorry, obviously, to see your run end, but you really are a delight to watch and clearly a player on the rise. I've tried to watch every match of yours I could catch since last years French, since your style is dynamic, and what really impressed me today was that despite Serena playing her absolute top shelf tennis, you stood toe to toe mentally. That bodes well for a year to build on last. All the best.

  • Stephx

    Awesome awesome tennis!! You seriously have what it takes…by far the best aussie we have out on tour! I really admire your style, and your serve is fantastic! I've always wondered how much pressure you feel when playing in the aussie open? like against big name players so close to australia day? you know with all the media around and stuff! I sometimes feel pressure when i play in tournaments, but somebody i look up to alot once said “champions take chances, and pressure is a privilege”! That helps me heaps! I cant wait to see you in action again, and all the best for the year ahead!

  • Rachael

    My whole family was waiting for your match all day! After channel 7 cut the broadcasting we all sat down around the computer and listened to the online radio. Congratulations on an impressive Open and we look forward to seeing you next year (where you'll show Serena Williams what you are made of).

  • Fazerstone

    Hi Sam.
    Sorry about you losing to Serena, but i think you did it very well.
    Hope to see you live some day.
    Love the way you play.
    Danish fan, Steen

  • judy hopcraft

    How good has the women's tennis been and I only hope it inspires young kids to get into sport, get off the lounge and get fit and have something useful to aspire to. Oh men's good too hopefully I can get down there next year, although I would have to have good seats as I need my glasses for the TV let alone up the back of the stadium….

  • mike

    In your match against Serena, you played really well. That is the first time I have focused on your game and realize how good you play. I have watched parts of the match twice and really enjoy your court movement and shot placement. I hope you are not discouraged by the loss but you ran into a buzz saw. I haven't seen Serena that sharp in a long time. Near perfection was what was required to beat you. Keep it up. I am looking forward to seeing more of you. Mike Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.